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  1. My hubby and I went in March for our Anniversary/Honeymoon and we loved it. It has the seaside theatre. The atrium is very pretty loved the green lights. We always had something to do. We loved the shows and then 1 night they do karaoke under the stars on the big screen. The Dance club is really nice. The pool bar is the best. I wish I could remember the girl working at the pool bar. She is from Romania and makes the best drinks. We had a suite and loved the room and balcony. Then to get to the very front of the ship on the deck you have to go through passenger cabin areas and the doors lead out. But we liked it alot. I have seen some say they thought it was getting old. But we thought it was very nice and i have been on several CCL ships. Any specifics you would like?
  2. Hi, we took the Ectasy out of Galveston to Progresso and at the port we bought a tour from the locals to Reef Club Beach Resort. For $30. It was great, very nice place with free drinks and nice beach and you can use the ameneties at the resort and lunch etc. Carnival also offers the same tour to the same place but CCL calls it Progresso Resort Beach Break. Thats what I would do, people who cruised with us in another cabin did the kayak and did not like it. :)
  3. I agree 100% with gogetter. I stayed in Nassau for a week at the Wydham Crystal Palace & Casino on Cable beach and it was awesome. Cable beach is a gorgoeus beach. Much better that the Atlantis beach. You can take the Jitney which is a bus for $1.00 to cable beach from the cruise terminal. We all wanted to spend the day at Atlantis and we had to pay $100 for a day room and the staff were the biggest bunch of witches I have ever dealt with. The best Pina Colada ever at the wydham on cable beach
  4. Has anyone ever pre-booked their shore tours with Carnival? If so, do they just put the tickets in your cabin the night before like normal? We prebooked ours, but there was no printing the tickets etc. Thanks for any input
  5. I love thecold bisque.. Carnival had an Avacado bisque that was awesome, then one night they had Lavander souffle that was unreal
  6. I have sailed on Ectasy and Elation which are sisters to Imagination. They are great ships. Plenty to do, great food, entertainment, great night clubs etc. I actually like the Fantasy class a bit better even, I think what I like is, you know how on the bigger ships, the front is all glass so you cant really look out over the railing? On the smaller ships you can. Its awesome. The back railings are the open the same as the big ships. Theres mini golf, great spa still. I would do it. The new water park looks unbelievable.
  7. I think we found our place. The Holiday Inn port of Miami. It looks like a perfect location. If you walk accross the street literally, the Bayside Marketplace is there. Lots of restaurants and shopping. You can see the port from the hotel. YAY Also looked nice was the Intercontinental, quite a bit more pricey, but looked really nice :) I will let you know how the Holiday Inn turns out. It seemed to get good reviews, especially for a pre or post cruise stay.
  8. I need help from all you savy people. I have never sailed from Miami, we are flying in the night before our cruise leaves. Do you have any suggestions on where to stay? We want to be close to the port and close to a place to eat etc. Any help would be great
  9. I am so excited! We are officially booked on the Carnival Valor for March 2, 2008! We were going to go on the Triumph in December with friends, but my hubby could not leave work until after the 1st of the year. I can't wait. This will be his 1st cruise and I hope he gets addicted like I am.
  10. Thats true. You spend more than that on 2 cars for gas for the week and in the big picture is 30-50 really going to be noticed? I could see if it was like 50 per day, but 5 per day for me would go unoticed.
  11. I guess at least they are filling the tank, Rumor has it that airlines are not filling the tanks and are landing on fumes, they too can afford fuel with what they charge. These gas prices are out of control
  12. We are going to go on March 2nd, 2008. Our anniversary is the 5th, weve been married six years this coming and never been on a honeymoon, so this is honeymoon/anniversary. I know size wise the Valor is Liberty size and I have been on Liberty. So I am very excited! Plus he got back from Iraq last year. He was injured over there and I joke that he is valiant and must go on the Valor, cheesy, i know
  13. In Cayman i think we are doing helmet dive or stingray rayrunner. Then in Belize we'll snorkle the reef, the in Roatan we are doing the Canopy tour and Costa Maya we are swimming with the Dolphins! I cant wait!!!!
  14. Probably the Carnival Ecstacy. It was such a blast and I love the Atrium, the night club was always pumping and everyone was really nice. Any Cruise, is a good cruise
  15. Anyone ever been on the Carnival Valor? Specifically the Exotic Western to Grand Cayman, Isla Roatan, Belize and Costa Maya. How are the ports and ship? Anyone have pictures? I think this is the route we are taking for our annivesary. We picked shore tours and everything.
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