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  1. Spinners are the only way to go! I bought a carry on and a full sizer with 4 wheels each and it's so easy to get around everywhere, airports, gangways, sidewalks, and any other place us travelers love to go. And thats even when the luggage weights in at an even 50 lbs. Ross Dress For Less has lots of selection for cheap, so you can always get one and try it out on a world cruise to make sure you like it.
  2. "A 37 day amazing voyage!" Click here to view the cruise review
  3. Mark, What are you afraid of that Congress might do?
  4. I always give some extra cash to whoever gives us great service and fill out a great service card for those who take great care of us as well.
  5. The new Royal and Regal Princess ships should be great! Lots of great things to do and enjoy, I like the big ships because I can always find lots of places to enjoy the views, the sea life and there are always quit places to nap and read on those days at sea. The one thing I wish Princess would put back on their ships is the indoor pool which is a great place to relax when the weather isn't cooperating.
  6. Our longest has been a fabulous 60 day South Pacific adventure on the Star Princess from San Francisco to Sydney and back to Los Angeles. I think the longest we would want to do is on the Queen Mary 133 day New York to New York world cruise, that would give us enough time to settle in and see the sights and do just about everything there is to do on that ship. That would probably hold us for a few months until it would be time to get on another ship for some more adventuring.
  7. CelebrityEquinox Click here to view the cruise
  8. CelebrityEquinox Click here to view the cruise
  9. CelebrityEquinox Click here to view the cruise
  10. Jason

    Happy Birthday mgtc!

  11. The first cruise she I was ever on was back in 1964 on the Matson Line Lurline out of San Francisco for a 2 week Hawaii trip, I was about 7 and it was great fun!
  12. Welcome and post often!

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