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Status Updates posted by deb1220

  1. Happy New Year to all the great people on CruiseCrazies! Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2012.

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wishing you all the best for 2011!

    1. scalise12


      Hello deb1220, I been reading all your reviews, very good.

      I see your in Royal Oak, is this Michigan? If so I grew up in Wyandotte, Michigan.


  3. It sound like everyone had a nice Christmas :)

  4. I wish I were on a Caribbean Cruise right now!

  5. Braciing for the "Alberta Clipper"......but really hoping it doesn't happen!

  6. I hope everybody's enjoying their weekend!

  7. Not ready for this snow yet but, I know, it is December!

  8. Thanks so much Keith and Rita!

  9. Thank-you very much MaryLou!

  10. Thanks so much, Ray!

  11. Thanks Shaunna!!! :)

  12. Thanks so much, Cheryl. We think she's precious too! :)

  13. Great new photo. Love your kitty!

  14. THanks for the compliment on the photo. It's an old one, but I love it!

  15. Shaunna - just love your new avatar!

  16. You're right...love ALL those songs!!

  17. Have you seen the video? I think it's one of the best videos ever made!

  18. Oh Rose.....just love "Come Sail Away". I think I'll be visiting your profile often - LOL!

  19. Love your song - Thriller. One of my favorite M J songs!

  20. Howard - I noticed on your profile that you're into Amateur Radio. I have a license but no longer use it - N8FPA.... but my DH, Zack - N8FNR, is on the radio alot....especially when there are contests.

  21. Thanks Cheryl. I saw Shari's pic...and it looked so cute....so I thought I'd give it a try!

  22. Just love your new avatar!

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