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  1. Hi Crazies Thought I would check in and let everyone know that I'm still hanging in there. Actually some things never change. A nurse at the hospital yelled at me because I was making the monitoring machine beep. It was her fault, she had a bad attitude! One more chemo treatment in 1-12 wedks then a Pet scan Aug 1st to see if we are doing any good. MaryLou....I have lost most of my hair. Now I know how Jim feels everyday! LOL Hope everyone had a great 4th of July.
  2. Hi Crazies Got some great news. Lynda and I are back together (actually never left). We are both very happy and thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers. Now for the not so good news. Was admitted to the hospital Tuesday morning with severe shortness of breath. They removed 1.6 liters of fluid from my right lung wall. Needless to say this made breathing much eazier. They did a CT scan and decovered cancer in my right lung, 3 ribs, 2 vertibre and the pelvic bone. Still waiting on test results to determine what type cancer it is. We will fight this and do what ever it takes to win. I'm very competitive and don't like to lose to anyone or any thing. I do like to stuff the deck to my advantage so any prayers will be appreciated. My Cruise Crazies friends are the best.
  3. Hi Crazies Nice pleasant 1 hr and 10 min trip home tonight from work. It's only 25 miles. Sure going to miss that. Andi....Yep, everthing has to go upstairs but that is not a problem. With my superior supervisory skills and the ability to point I'm sure everyone else can get eveything up stairs Rose...Great picture Ray...See you still can't slow down. Tired of fightingthis computer. Have a great evening.
  4. Hi Crazies All is now ready for the move. Everthing has been arranged, truck leased, and I have more volunteers to help with the move than I have stuff to move. Lynda is happier than I have seen her in the last 7 month. (Doesn't do much for my macho side) Have lots of friends concerned about me so don't see too many problems adjusting. Condo is 900 sq ft upstairs with living room, bedroom, bath, kitchen and dinning area. Yes, the rooms a big with windows coving two sides so lots of light. Downstairs in a storage room, laundry room with washer and dryer and my garage with door opener. No looking for parking spots for this old guy! Once I get movedd and an save back some more $ it is time for a new lap top. This one is 12 years old and bearly hanging in there. Remember I'm still lurking.
  5. Hi Crazzies Happy Mother's Day to all the Crazie mothers out there. Got one of my old computers working (kinda sorta) so I can get on line again. Also was smart enough to remove the old avatar but not smart enough to put in a new one. Will work on it. Great weekend. Shelby, our middle grand daughter graduated from high school Friday night then they were all over to the house for Mother's Day. Lobster tail and steak. Not what a diabetic should be eating but under the present circumstances I needed it. Speaking of that. Signed a lease on a condo and will move out May 24th. Papers have gone to the lawyer. Still can't believe it but its time to move on. Hope all had a great Mother's Day. You mom's have earned it.
  6. Hi Crazies Have been trying to make this post since last Saturday but just couldn't do it. After 35 years of marriage Lynda and I have decided to part ways. This was not a quick decision and we have been working to solve the problems for over 6 months but nothing has changed. Please pray that Lynda will be able to find whatever it is that will make her happy. Sorry guys, I will still be around. Thanks for all of you being our friends.
  7. Jan....Congratulations on your new grandson. MaryLou.....Glad you finally go the tent thing worked out. Also, a new dishwasher. Busy day.
  8. Hi Crazies Well after today I'm sorry to say the Doofus has sliped back into his old ways. Today he got a call on his cell phone. Told whoever called him he would mmet him there and left with no word where "there" was. He was gone an hour which was more than enough time for me to go postal. We had quite a one sided talk when he came back. Yesterday he was 20 minutes late coming to work and left 30 minutes early. I have had it with him. MaryLou....Hope you find that tent Rose....Grandma and M&M's, a combination that can't be beat. Ray....Enjoy your day off. Boys arrive at Parris Island and leave as very confident young men. Andi....Congrats on gitting your cruise papers.
  9. Hi Crazies Now I remember why I retired in the first place. I pride myself on doing a professional job every day and when I am constatly approached with "stupid" it takes the fun out of it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Shari....Hang in there. I've been told there is grass under that white stuff. MaryLou....Gee, you actually won the battle for the tent. Who would have though that! Thanks for the laugh about the bus ride. Just can't get that picture out of my mind. Ray...DI in the Marine Corps are not allowed to touch a recruit. Things have changed since I was in the Corps. I remember leaving the airfield at Parris Island and passing a platoon of recruts with the DI showing extra attention to one recruit by placing his right boot on the recruits back side. The DI saw me, stopped and saluted. I retruned the salute and told hime to "Carry on" He replied, "Yes Sir" and started yelling at the recruit and repeating his right boot movement. Rose.....Has Howie recovered from tax season?
  10. Hi Crazies Started phase 2 today at work. Everything is running smoothly so moving on to installing a new quote program. The basic program is loaded on my computer, now will start "playing" with it to get it to work the way our customers and us want it. Rose....Don't go to a hospital today by mistake! MaryLou....Mind your manners at the casino. Ray...Congrats on getting your Fun Passes. If it does snow again here I will use my best Parris Island voice and you will be able to here me at your house! Andi...Congrats on the good dental check-up Jan....Has to be unpleasant to "lose" your church home. Our church is doing very well financially but if we wanted to close the church we can not sell it. It is part of an historical area (Longview Farms) and is deeded to our use by the surviving relatives of the builder and ownership will revert to them. Off course we have no intentions of closing.
  11. Hi Crazies OK, we have had enough. It snowed all day today. The average high for this day is 68 degrees. People are getting rather surly (Mean, nasty, unpleasant etc) This is suppose to be the last day of winter weather. We will see. MaryLou....Just put your hat on, tell Jim you want to rent the tent, and he will come around. Rose...Glad Adam did OK. They must have done the procedure laprascopic. Lynda's doctor does tons of these. I think we are the bad appy capital of the world. Jan.....Sorry to hear about your church. Hope all turns out well for you. Ray....I understand how first resonders park, it's the fact that ther were 4-5 first responders vehicles for every car in the wreck. When I went by it looked like a city work crew. All they needed were the donuts! Jackie....Good to see you posting. We are still thinking of you and the prayers continue.
  12. Hi Crazies Fun trip to work this morning. The normal 25 min run turned into 55 minutes because of a 10 car, one 18 wheeler on the Interstate. The five lane highway was down to only one open lane. One lane was blocked by wrecked cars and three lanes were blocked by first responders. Don't quite unerstand that. MaryLou...Look at the tent as "Good Day" insurance. If you rent the tent weather will be great but if you don't look out Rose...Glad you got a good night sleep last night. Hope tonight is my turn. Lynda turned the heat down because she was getting hot at night. Problem is the dogs get cold and use me as a blanket. Know my body temp was 1700 degrees this morning! Ray....As far a Cozumel, sounds like you have a plan. Sorry all I'm tired have a good evening.
  13. Hi Crazies Had a good weekend. Got the grass cut yesterday and we got through our elder duties at church and communion to shut-ins. They are some great people who really look forward to the visits and having someone to talk to. A 'disaster" at church today. The decons brought the offering to the front of the church before the Doxology was played. At least several members seem to think it was a disaster. They were all informed by yours truly that if that was the biggest thing they had to worry about they had it made. Will they ever learn that complaining to me about the small stuff is a big waste of time. Andi....Sorry to hear about your water problems. The Wed before my father's memorial service, with several relatives coming to stay at our house, the upstair toilet water supply broke and ran for 6 hours. Luckily, the bathroom floor was tile and it was located over the garage so not to much carpet damage. Lots of dry wall had to be replaced. I found a deep breath and a stiff drink helps. MaryLou.....Glad you had a great visit with Page & Colin Rose....Hope the head ache is better. Lynda is back to running full speed from her tooth extraction Ray....I ditto every thing Jan said about Tulum. Our favorite excrusion in Cozumel, or anywhere for that matter, is the cigar boat to Pasion Island. All inclusive, bar, food, tables, chairs, white beaches, water toys, and Lynda's favorite, the Cabana Boy to bring your food and drink as you get you tan or sit in the shade and enjoy the breezes. If you are not the adventouris type the have a bus ride to the shore and barge shuttle to the island. We have been to the island 5 times and truly enhoy it.
  14. Hi Crazies Lynda is doing much better with her tooth extraction. Almost back to normal. Busy day tomorrow. Store, mow the lawn, and anything else we need to do. Have Elder duties and the late service Sunday then shut-in communion Sunday afternoon. Been back to work for 5 weeks now. I'm ready for a vacation! Allergies are kicking up and my eyes are killing me so will cut this off. Have a great weekend everyone.
  15. Hi Crazies Another cold, rainy day. Saw on the news we got a little over 1 inch of rain today. It has cleared out and should be nice for the NASCAR races here Sat & Sunday. Poor Lynda had a tooth pulled today. Getting old can be tough. MaryLou....Sounds like someone is ready to distroy the mall with Ash this weekend! Ray...I think you missed the p[oint of the pacing but I like your idea and will give it a try. Rose....When I was a kid they no only threw out the book, they threw me out too!
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