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  1. Hello everyone! Just checking in, I also had trouble with the site earlier.
  2. "1Night Cruise to Nowhere" Click here to view the cruise review
  3. Wishing Everyone a Happy and Joyful Thanksgiving!
  4. Good evening everyone ! Its been a long time since I last posted. Mary Lou: It was nice to spend some time with you and Jim on Friday evening, Maureen and I enjoyed it very much, even though I was kind of sleepy. Glad to hear about the good news about TJ. We are getting ready for our soon approaching Cruise. Rose: Glad to hear that your finger is getting better. I am watching the World Series and I am about to go to bed soon. Well I will be checking in soon.
  5. Awesome! I hope I encounter something similar on my next cruise in November.
  6. Good Evening All! Just wanted to say Hi. Mary Lou, it sounds like you've got your hands full, hey maybe the elf can make some of those cookies migically appear :). Well You and Jim hang in there. Rose I hope your visit to the doctor with your Dad brings good news, and Bon Voyage in case I don't chat with you before your Cruise, Hi Howie! Hey if anyone can assist me with my signature, I will like to add a countdown clock for my cruise next year. I cannot seem to be able to put it on. So any help will be appreciated.
  7. Good afternoon everyone! Mary Lou : Great news about Rose's dad, thank you for passing along the information. We will keep up prayer for the entire Family. I hope that her Dad continues to improove. by the way, does anyone here that knows how to insert a coundown clock into one's signature, and would be willing to help me insert my countdown clock into my signature, also I would like to delete my previous countdown clock, since We have already made the trip. Thanks in advance.
  8. Good evening Crazies! Sorry that I have not been posting here lately. Rose: sending wellwishes & prayers for your Dad and Family. I hope things get a little less hectic for you guys. Mary Lou; Enjoyed getting together Saturday for dinner, I hope Jim enjoys the nutckraker this coming weekend.
  9. Good afternoon everyone, Rose I will love to see more of your pictures, you know Me and taking pictures I can't ever take enough of them. Mary Lou hope that you guys enjoy your day and of course, We will get together after Our trip. God knows We need some R&R.
  10. Hello everyone; sorry that I have not been around. Lots of things going on, very busy. Getting ready for our Disney 1world trip in another 10 days or so. Rose we will be in your neck of the woods. Mary Lou glad that you had a good time at the shore, and good luck on your Heartwalk tomorrow. Also looking foward to my 29th Birthday cruise in November 2013. a big hello to everyone. Rose I am enjoying your pictures, looking foward to more. Well time to go bed now, will return soon hopefully.
  11. Good morning Crazies ! Happy Father's Day ( Feliz Dia de los Padres ) to all Dad's. Specially Jim, Howie and of those I may have missed. I hope everyone enjoys their day. Mary Lou : I looks like you had an exciting and busy day yesterday, You could of used one of those white sangrias. Rose : Enjoy your upcoming Wedding & Cruise, I will try to be more sociable and post a bit more often. Jason: Thanks for your assistance with my coundown clock issues, as you can probably see it worked, so Thank You. Debbie : I will try to continue to keep up with Our games, I enjoy playing with you, Although I don't seem to be too sharp in Chronicles. I noticed that You guys also have an upcoming Cruise, enjoy. We also just booked my next year's big 29th birthday Cruise in November on the Crown Princess, Our first time on that particular Cruiseline. Well I I've got to go for now I've got a movie date with my Daughter to go see The Avengers in 3 D. Bye!
  12. Good evening Crazies; Just wanted to say hello to everyone, and wish a Happy Father's Day. I have not been here for a while since it has been kind of busy around here. I will try to post more often if possible.
  13. Good evening crazies : hoping everyone is doing well, sorry that I have not been posting so often lately, I've been working long hours starting at 3:00 am everyday, and so by the time I get home I am very tired, so I don't get around to much of anything. I hope everyone enjoyed their April Fools day yesterday. Rose: Glad to hear that the new air conditioner is working well, it is still a bit chilly here. Mary Lou : I heard about your cupcakes , I hope everyone enjoyed them. Last week Maureen's brother came to visit from Florida, and We went to New York City and We all had a blast. Well I will be going for now, I will try to return later.
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