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  1. profile picture album

  2. Thanks Rose you guys are great! I also got Mary Lou's Address I will keep in touch.

  3. Hey Mary Lou; Hector here and just wanted to let you know that I am having trouble with the site and that is why I have not been heard of in such a long time. Jason has been trying to solve the issue, I just discovered that this is the only way I can contact you guys. I don"t know what is the matter. I hope Jason is able to get me back into the site soon.

  4. Hi Rose Hector here saying hello, and a little explanation as to my dissapearance from the site. It seems that after loggin into the site I can't no longer start new topics on any forums or reply to any topic on any forums, and or make any changes to my account such as updating my signature, without it telling me that I must sign in when I am already logged in and telling me that I don't have permission to use that forum. It is getting frustrating. I know that Jason has been trying to correct the situation. It is getting to the point that I may be considering cancelling next year's group cruise.

  5. If anyone out there gets to read this, the reason I have not been heard of for such a long time, is that I cannot Start new topics on any forums as well as replying to any. It feels as if I was banned from the site. HEEEEEEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey how did I get to sneak in here since I cannot get access to any forums any other way, HU?

  7. Thanks the picture was actually taken at Cheers in Boston.

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