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  1. Carmen FYI~~~Micki is sailing out of long beach on Carnival.... Royal Caribbean sails from San Pedro.... Thanks to the both of you! Joey, you've been a wealth of information! I appreciate it!! Yes, I'm going on Carnival, and we have our dinner arrangements taken care of, we'll be sitting with our friends we intend to surprise! I'll post back later, and let you all know how it went! I'm getting really excited now!! Only two more weeks! Micki
  2. Thanks again Joey! You've been a great wealth of information in helping me out with my dilema! We're using Super Shuttle to get from LAX to our hotel, so I'll go ahead and book them from the hotel to the pier as well. I was concerned if we stayed in Long Beach the night before, there would be a risk we'd run into them while sight-seeing, because we have the same interests. Plus I didnt know what hotel they were going to be staying at. We would of booked something close to the pier, and I didnt want to risk having them book the same hotel we're at, and not knowing it. Since I have never been to California, I really didnt know what to do or where to stay! I wish I would of chatted with you earlier!! I'll post again (after the cruise) and let you know of the outcome! Micki
  3. Thanks Joey! Will it be hard to find the VIP line once we arrive at the Long Beach port? I know there will be a lot of people there, but I'm hoping that we can get out of the cab, unload our luggage with the porters, find the VIP line, and are whisked away without having to hang around - for fear of being spotted! We live in the same town as our friends, so therefore we're flying out of the same airport. We booked our flight with a different carrier, our flight leaves before theirs, so there's no chance of being spotted at the airport. . . My plan is working perfectly so far!! We'll be we're staying in Torrance/Redondo Beach pre-cruise night. Do you know how much a taxi will be from Torrance to the Long Beach terminal? I know it's about half-way between LAX and Long Beach.
  4. hi micki I would imagine 12 ish ..... are you arriving a day early to long beach? Thanks!! And yes, we're arriving a day early and plan on staying a couple of days post-cruise. We've never been to California before, so I have lots of things planned for the three days we'll be there!
  5. Hi there, I'm new to this board, but not new to cruising! Our past cruises, we've had everything from inside cabins to balconies. This time, we booked a Cat. 11 suite with wrap around balcony on the Pride. Can anyone tell me what the best time would be to arrive at the port? Is there a different line for VIP passgrs? I know there's early check in at the QM, what's our best option? I'm really excited about this cruise! Our friends booked this cruise quite a while ago, and were begging for us to book. Un-be-knownst to them, we're going, and are going to surprise them onboard!! I hope we're not spotted by them at the port!! Any info would be appreciated! Micki
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