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  • Birthday May 7

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    United States


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    St Martin
  • Favorite Port Activity
    Sports & recreation
  • Places I've Cruised To
    Caribbean: Eastern, Western, Exotic, Southern
    Mexican Riviera
    Pacific Northwest
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  • Hobbies & Interests
    Weight Lifting
  • Music
    Pretty much anything except Country Western, Hip Hop, Gospel, or Opera
  • Movies
    Jerry loves action/adventure, war movies and classics like Sparticus or Ten Commandments. I love action/adventure and chick flicks. Scarey movies are not our favorites.
  • TV Shows
    Pretty much anything goes from mid 1970 reruns to current drama or sitcom. Reality t.v. really isn't our favorite, but I do watch an awful lot of the Food Network "in the middle of the night". Jerry likes the Poker Tournament shows and is known to flip between two or three shows at a time.

    Cold Case tends to be one of my favorites because it is filmed in Philly.

    Can't wait for the new TNT dramas and TBS comedies this summer/fall.
  • Sports
    Jerry loves professional football. Pretty much every August he asks me if there is anything that I need to discuss. He then reminds me that football starts and therefore no major discussion until after the Super Bowl.

    We will both watch college bowl games and NCAA basketball (March madness).

    Every once in a while we'll flip and watch a golf tournament. T.V. has to be really bad for us to watch that, though.
  • Food
    Jerry's first love is pepperoni pizza. When asked, he'll say that he considers himself a meat-a-tarian, with shrimp and lobster coming in as a close second (or is it third?).

    I prefer fish, poultry, vegetables.
  • Pets
    Take care of 2 dogs and 3 cats
  • Books
    I read all the time ... current fiction, non-fiction, crime, true crime. I really like the series where you follow the characters (i.e., Kay Scarpetta)
  • Occupation
    Program Manager

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  1. Debbie - love your Avatar. Crazie is all dolled up for a big night out. I forgot to tell you that I took my granddaughter to Build-A-Bear and found a Hawaiian outfit for Crazie complete with Grass skirt and Coconut Bra. When she wears it I will send you a photo. It's not from Hawaii but that will be our little secret. shhhhh.