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  1. it's worth a lot....... don't be shy... tell me what you really think... Me shy? Don't worry I'll tell you what I really think. I can't believe what Pat went through - not very professional at all! I believe that's the ship Andrea was on last month. yes Debbie, that was my ship. although it doesn't sound like it all! I had some problems with our cabins on our last cruise but the waitstaff and the other crew members were first rate. Andrea...I had been on the Ecstasy before,too, which is one reason this was so surprising to me. My room steward was very good, as were the waiters at dinner. The problems I mentioned were a first for me!
  2. Joey....I just returned Thursday from 5 nights on the Carnival Ecstasy....you had asked if I found much difference between Princess and Carnival, and right now I think I'd pick Princess. This Carnival cruise was my least favorite of any cruise I've been on. My room was fine, dining mates and waiters were fine, but there were several things that I did not like. 1) the shopping expert made a couple of, what I interpreted, as derogatory statements about people from my state 2) in one of the ports she was standing by a monument and yelled "look at all the tourists off the cruise ship (to me unprofessional) 3) the pursor's staff messed up my account, but did get it straightened out (that turned out to be ok) 4)there was a fire in one of the staterooms on the deck below me, and it was at least 15 or 20 minutes before any alarm went off! The smell is what woke most of us up. No staff member came to our muster station to be "in charge" or keep us updated. The cruise director finally began making overhead announcements. A lady from the pursor's office did come and stand in the back of the room telling people to stay seated. To me, with over 900 staff members, someone could have come to the stage and kept us informed. This is a serious safety issue, as some people were beginning to panic, and we had no idea what to do other than "sit down." I realize this could happen on any ship on any cruise line, but it sort of put a bad taste in my mouth for wanting to cruise with Carnival again anytime real soon. Pat
  3. "Elegant" was her word, not mine. I think we'll be fine and am really looking forward to it. I know it will be a wonderful cruise because....well...it's a cruise! I've been on Carnival and Princess and would choose Carnival anytime over Princess.
  4. I'm a nurse, and don't think that some of my coworkers and I haven't thought about doing this to some of our "high and mighty" folks!
  5. Yes...I agree..that was wrong to let her keep believing Mom was that young.
  6. If you're sailing on Carnival any time soon, check your bank/credit card balance. The fuel supplements that were cancelled and were to be refunded as shipboard credits have been refunded to credit cards instead. I talked to my Carnival planner tonight, and he said that one day they "had a bunch of money and decided to do refunds instead of shipboard credits." This refund appeared in my bank today. It doesn't make much difference at this point, but I had sort of counted on having that much in my shipboard account already when I sail! Has anyone else discovered this?
  7. We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott when we were there in October. It's very nice, has a good restaurant and a shuttle to the cruise ships.
  8. Good morning...I am cruising on the Carnival Ecstasy out of Galveston on February 7, and am wondering if any of y'all will be on that cruise? Patnf
  9. I'm fairly new to CruiseCrazies, and I have never posted here. I'm wondering if any of y'all have ever had an inside cabin on a Carnival ship? I've been on a number of cruises, but never had an inside room. I am booked on the Carnival Ecstasy in February, would like to kind of get an idea of what to expect. Thanks!
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