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  1. Thanks so much for all the pics - looks VERY nice and pool looks pretty large.
  2. I just wanted to let members know that my wife and I attended MaryLou (cruisetarp) funeral on Friday. I always hate to say this, but in this case I must tell all of you she looked so peaceful and nice. I found out from Jim she actually passed in her sleep which makes us all feel a little bit better. Jim and his family need all our continued prayers at this time. I must share one thing that brought tears to my eyes - viewing her I noticed something in the corner of the casket. Her sea pass card was tucked in the fold of material on the lid of the coffin - that was just something that got to me as we sailed with MaryLou and Jim many times. She passed away at her "happy place." You all know cruising was her first love, and Bermuda was her favorite island.
  3. Let me tell you the story of how my wife and I met MaryLou and Jim. About 15 years ago, I was online and MaryLou posted - anyone else from PA going on this cruise - it was the old Celebrity Galaxy out of Baltimore. We corresponded back and forth and decided to meet on embarkation day. It was near the 4th of July - she said she would be wearing a sparking red, white, and blue top. I found her in the terminal - Judy and I spent lots of time with them on that cruise and have cruised with them often since. Our favorite was to Bermuda on Summit (same ship she was on when she passed away) for their 50th wedding anniversary. We spent time onshore with them as well, visiting them at their home often where she always cooked up a storm and treated us royally - and in the summer Jim would barbecue for us. We would meet for lunches and they would visit us as well. Another great cruise with them was on Celebrity Eclipse for 14 days where we took turns taking care of the Crazie Bear - making sure she was dressed to the nines for formal nights. MaryLou always had great advice for tour operators for shore excursions NOT via the cruise line, but private companies. She was the expert - she will be missed - but there are memories we will have for a lifetime.
  4. Thanks to all of you for the good wishes. Hoping whatever electrical problems they are having onboard will be corrected till we board. And MaryLou and Jim - we WILL sail together again - date and ship to be determined:)
  5. MaryLou - Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review of our 14 day Celebrity cruise. You documented every detail of our trip and provided fond memories of sailing with you and Jim. The only thing you forgot to mention is that CRAZIE had a wonderful time, and behaved well - for the most part. That one night she kept the remote control and wanted to watch tv when we wanted to sleep. Anyway, as you said the ship and the weather were beautiful - sure hope we have the privilege to sail with you again. Like Jim, I thought 14 days might seem long near the end - but with a great itinerary, great ship, and great friends - the time just flew.
  6. PS - I need to post more - have only stayed in an inside cabin ONCE in all our years of cruising - it will take me awhile to get out of this interior cabin classification. HA
  7. Thanks so much MaryLou. This is one cruise where I won't take as many pictures of the ship, so I have plenty of memory for all the sights we will see in the different countries. Thanks for the kind words - I didn't know where to look to find them - I need to get more familiar with Cruise Crazies so I know where things are. We will get together when we get home -
  8. MaryLou - Congratulations on being Member of the Month. Besides your input on Cruise Crazies, you always have detailed information and advice to offer me personally in regards to any question I might have about cruising. Whether it is about a ship or a specific port of call, you always supply me with the information I seek. Cruise Crazies - let me tell you cruisetarp even gave me a list of which ships will be with us in each port in a cruise that at that time was a year away. I didn't think I would ever meet anyone more excited about cruising than I am - well I did. Judy and I are really looking forward to spending 14 days on the Eclipse with you and JIm in March. Thanks again for all you do - and most of all thanks for a great friendship that started on the Galaxy! Dennis
  9. Typo error in last post - date is March 1, 2015 - sorry - long enough to wait - I shouldn't make it even longer.
  10. We are also booked for March 12, 2015 day Southern Caribbean. Let's hope they soon come out with more reveals giving us more specific information about the Quantum.
  11. Nice review MaryLou - brings back memories when we went to Bermuda on the Summit - Judy and I also loved the T pool and wished it were on all ships. We loved the Summit and that was before the redo. Service and food are always top notch on Celebrity. Very much looking forward to sailing with you and Jim on the newer Eclipse!
  12. Thanks for taking the time to write another review. All the positive comments about the ship and service have us really looking forward to sailing Eclipse with our friends next year.
  13. MaryLou - We thank you kindly for the good wishes - after all the DRAMA in our family - we are really looking forward to it - hope we can sail on time with great weather since going to islands we haven't visited before. Stay dry and safe - Dennis
  14. 9 Royal Caribbean 3 Celebrity 2 NCL 2 Princess 1 Oceanic 1 Disney That is 18 so far - with RCI booked this November and next June - hope to sail many many more!
  15. Marylou - Thanks for all the details of your Silhouette review. It sounded WONDERFUL (except for embarkation). As an Elite member, you both should have been on the ship much faster. Sounds like you forgot all of that - once you boarded. Can't wait to see your pictures - thanks so much for taking the time to write a detailed review of the ship. Dennis & Judy
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