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  1. Hi everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR - Hope it will be a healthy & happy one for all. Marylou - The Constellation is a nice ship and the food was excellent (yum love the bread sticks) the itinery is almost the same as the one we just did - I don't care where it goes I just want to be warm the weather stinks - it is snowing like crazy here and I am sure it is bad by you too. Don't worry about calling me I just wanted to know how you guys were I will call you after the 1st Rich did not hear anything so I guess the house is not sold I hope it will happen soon. Peggy
  2. Hi - Glad to see you posting again - thought everyone disappeared LOL LOL Marylou - How is Jim feeling - hope you did not get his cold Martha - How was your trip home - and how is Lee feeling. It seems like such a long time ago we went on the cruise - it has been so cold here except for one warm day - today is very windy and freezing - Rich - has someone looking at his house today - keep your fingers crossed if it sells I can book another cruise I am thinking about the Constellation in March - maybe with my friend Linda - Elaine will be going in April with her daughter and grandkids on the Explorer and the price for the Constellation is really great. Peggy
  3. Hi Marylou Have a great trip down - we had a wonderful time last night & had lots of laughs off to the Mall this morning\ See you and Jim soon Love ya Peg
  4. Hi - Still cooking for my Bday party LOL something is wrong with this picture Marylou - Have a great trip down tomorrow - can't wait to see you and Jim in the Schooner Bar - I leave on Sat. Martha - Hope you are feeling okay - guess you made it okay to Florida Thanks everyone for the good wishes I know this cruise will be wonderful I have been looking forward to this one for a long time. Peggy
  5. Hi Marylou - I forgot to post again last night I wanted to say to Martha to have a safe trip I hope she is feeling better. I can't believe you added 2 more bags LOL - Jim is going to put you in the trunk and the bags in the front sea LOL LOL - I think they have a weight limit on the Jewel as far as luggage goes I have to put some little stuff in the carryon today but thats it for me I can't wait until Sat. when I leave - I am really getting excited now. I am having a small Bday party tomorrow here - so if I don't talk to you tomorrow - (I am cooking) LOL have a great trip down on Thurs. and I will see you on the Jewel - BTW we are still meeting in the Schooner Bar around 2 I think they said. Martha - Good trip and feel better. Peggy
  6. Hi - Did I ever tell you all how much I hate the white stuff if not let me tell youLOL LOL Martha - Glad you found the IPOD manual and hope Lee does not get sick = no sick people allowed on the Jewel you know - seriouslyI hope he feels okay - try not to work too hard today. Rose - Like Marylou said anything will be warmer to us - it was snowing and sleeting here this morning the roads were covered I think it has switched to rain now - brrr Marylou - Sounds like your making progress on packing - if I need anything I will know where to go LOL - I figure if I forget anything I will buy it somewhere. I am waiting for Elaine to come over she is on her way back from your daughters house Talk to you all later PEggy
  7. Hi Martha - Oh I feel bad for you - I hope you are okay by next weekend - try and get some rest. Marylou - You are making me sad - LOL I will be on the train and you in Miami waaaaaaaaaaaaa and Martha on the Majesty - guess I have to learn to fly - when I read that I wanted to fly LOL I feel much better today I had a half way decent nights sleep and I finished all my packing - now I just have the jewelry (I am only bring costume) and some small stuff - I feel relieved that it is all over with and I got everything into the 1 big suitcase and I am bringing 2 really small carry ons. Peggy
  8. Hi Marylou & Martha - Dinner was success but I am so tired and hurt my back on that d-m turkey - & I don't even like turkey. Did you read about the WalMart guy that was killed - he was trampled when the doors opened in Long Island somewhere - 200 or so people ran over him - gee what is that important I was out by 5:30 and got Lisa a GPS system for her car and was going to attempt WalMart - but came home instead. I am so tired right now I can hardly see straight so I will talk to you tomorrow. Peggy
  9. Hi Marylou & Martha HAPPY THANKSGIVING - Hope you both have a wonderful day. Martha - I am with Marylou I would rather stay with just the 19 of us in the van - let everyone else fend for themselves LOL I am so mean - but I would rather we stay together. Don't do too much today we need you to be nice and healthy I am tired already too much prep for dinner and I have to get in the shower people will start coming here around 12:30 oh boy - I just have to make mashed potatoes and I am done Lisa is doing the rest. Talk to you tomorrow Peggy
  10. Hi Martha - Martha I was worried about you - I hope you feel better - you can't be sick for our trip we need you Hope Lee is feeling better too. Marylou - Hope you are having fun with Ashleigh - Nick had a 1/2 day too - I have so many things to do for tomorrow and I am just sitting here staring at them. I worked this morning with my son and i am tired - so I will talk to you both Friday HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING Peggy
  11. Hi Marylou I finally got a chance to sit down and post - got my hair cut today so I look just beautiful LOL LOL Where is Martha - I hope everything is okay with her and Lee - neither one of them was feeling well. Do you have an email for her? I can't believe it is only about 10 days till we leave it seemed like such a long wait and now it is here and it has been so cold and rainy and yucky it will be wonderful to be warm. Ok I will talk to you tomorrow hopefully we will hear from Martha by then Peggy
  12. Hi Marylou - Congrats on your cabin - now for sure they will be plenty of room for me to sleep LOL LOL. Nick update - seems the 4 and 5th top of the toe was broken - the 4th toe is 99% healed and the 5th about 75% so at this time - the Dr. feels there is no point in doing anything - it is healing nicely and is perfectly alligned. Good thing or that other Dr. would have heard from me. What a pain today going to Westchester - did get to go to the Xmas tree shop and get a couple of things and on the way home we ate at Friendly's (Nick's favorite place) Yuck LOL - now they are at guitar lessons and they should be home soon - I am guessing we will all be in bed at 9PM I am glad that Carol is doing well - I should e-mail her I will try and do that tomorrow - I have to go get my hair cut in the morning after I drive Lisa to work and then have to go to Radio Shack and Shop Rite - and be home in time for Nick when he gets off the bus - another busy day. Martha - I hope you are feeling okay we have not heard from you - maybe you are just busy. Talk to you tomorrow Peggy
  13. Hi Marylou & Martha Just a quick one today, remember when I said that Nick hurt his foot and we thought it was broken the Xray said it was fine WELL it was still hurting him and Lisa saw a friend of mine a radiologist that I worked for years ago (and my son dated his daughter) anyway I told Lisa have him look at the Xray turns out he has a subtle nondisplaced distal 5 metatarsal fracture - he called Nick Dr. and told him today and also yelled at the original Dr. who read the Xray - that Dr. called Nick's Dr. to say he missed it and it is fratured hmmm I am thinking that guy is in big trouble is anything more serious is wrong with Nick I am so mad - then no one will see us up here they are booked and can't see Nick till Dec 3rd - what's up with that LOL - so we are off to White Plains I will let you know how we make out. grr I am soooo mad. Peg
  14. Hi Marylou - I am leaving from Newark NJ - and my friend Bridgets b/f LOL is taking us down my son will be picking us up. It is too hard to get to Penn Station from here because we would have to change trains in Secaucus and then take the tube to Penn Station and with luggage it is too difficutl - in 2 yrs they will have trains directly into Penn Station. Good luck with Jim's shirts at t he cleaners - hope they don't do anything to them. That's a good idea about putting the money away for the tours I will have to do that I know one is 20.25 but what is the price of the other one??? Martha - You probably got sick from the taking the flu shot LOL LOL LOL LOL - I hate shots and refuse to take it. I know there is a lot of stuff going around and people are coughing and sneezing all over the place I have the sniffles too. Congrats on your new shirts = can't wait to see them. Sorry about Aubreys cold these poor kids get so much stuff at school hope she is feeling better. Hope Lee gets relief on wednesday. Peggy
  15. Hi Marylou & Martha Elaine just left here we went shopping, well she went shopping and I went with her , we went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday's - yuck, not good today. I know what you mean about driving I used to love to drive and take long rides in the car but not I hate it - after about 2 hrs. I need to get up and walk around and I get so restless I don't think I could do a car trip to Fl. anymore. It is freezing out today and so windy - and we still have at least 4 months of this crap LOL BTW I am almost finished packing - everything that I have to put in the suitcase is hanging in the closet ready to go. Peggy
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