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  1. Sure thing, I think China will be the coming thing after the Olympics so you will see a lot of Yangste and China seas reviews popping up on here.
  2. Thank you for your kind offer, I shall be in touch if I need questions answered. Having seen some reviews on 'x' vis a vis Yangste Cruises they are as you describe, with shows put on by the crew and guests. The onboard cuisine is not a problem as we do like to try the local dishes and I suspect the 'local' Chinese food will be somewhat different to what is served up at our local restaurant, though Mrs oldmovie says she draws the line at eating from a kerb side vendor, we saw some in Bangkok that would have put a starving man off. Sounds like you had a good time, I trust we will be able to report the same. sailingrose Thank you for your kind wishes.
  3. [ Yes, we want to see photos, and how about a review? We usually do something in Sept and we have some friends trying to talk us into joining them in Mexico. It looks like the economy wont allow it this year as we still have the balance to pay for on our upcoming New year cruise. Give our best to Mrs oldmovie. Hi Keith and Rita As I said to Jennifer I will be snapping and will take some notes for a review. I guess it wont be such a relaxing cruise as the 'Connie' was at New Year and by the way, guess who we saw bopping away on the deck at midnight, you two, a friend had found something on the internet and emailed it over, you two sure cut a rug. We are prepared for a 'busy' Chinese cruise which is fine by us but we understand there is entertainment in the evenings with the Chinese crew and contributions from guests. Jean has made me swear that 'San Francisco' will not pass my lips on karaoke night. Hope that you have settled well and truly in the house and are enjoying life there. Our next foot fall in the USA should be early next year when we re visit Las Vegas, If you make Mexico, enjoy!
  4. [ Jennifer I will be snapping away as we process down the Yangtze, hope that I do not capture any secret installations on the way, our hosts are a bit touchy about that, but perhaps I've been reading to much Ian Fleming.
  5. [some people have all the luck, this never happens in my butchers shop.
  6. Mrs oldmovie and I will be leaving for a tour of China from the UK in mid September 2008. Part of the tour will be an eight night cruise down the Yangste River from Shanghai to Chongqing. The cruise line is Victoria cruises and the ship is the 'Prince'. If anyone has done this cruise and can pass on some tips we will be very much obliged.
  7. As told to me by the innkeepers mother. We all know the scene at the infant school Christmas Nativity production. Five year old Joseph knocks at the door of the inn to see if There is a room for Mary and himself. This version went like this: JOSEPH: (knocking at door, door is opened by the innkeeper) "Hello, is there any room at the Inn"? INNKEEPER: "Yes, there is lots of room, come in". So there we are, 2000 years of Christain history changed in a flash.
  8. Funny Hazelson, can I add this. A headline I would like to see. FLASH !! Police arrest two teenagers, one for drinking battery acid and the other for impersonating a firework. They charged one and let the other of.
  9. Hope I can get away with this! Two elderly ladies were discussing their husbands. One said, "My Joe, when he was a young man he could do pee pee like a stallion, now, its just a sad little dribble, it's so sad". The other one replied, "My Harold is 93 and every morning he does pee pee like a stallion at 8am every morning". Why that great said the first lady, not really said the second, he don't wake up until 9am.
  10. Upon being told of his demise, his great English rival, the 'Home Pride Flour Man', said to a female reporter, 'Frankly my dear, I don't give a flan'.
  11. Very sad. Two days after this was filmed, the bear was run over in the street by a cycle.
  12. Hi from across the pond. It always puzzled Jean and I why a certain Mr Astaire got all the plaudits for dancing, and yet the creator of Mickey Mouse went unrecognised for tripping the light fantastic across the floor. And then a Scotsman told us why....Fred dances and Walt Disney.
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