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    35th booked
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    Shows and entertainment
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    Doesn't matter - As long as I'm on a cruise!
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    Kona, HA
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    Guided tours
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    East, West, Southern Carib., east and West Mexico, Bermuda, Bahama's, Panama Canal, Alaska, Hawaii, Kiribati
    Shooting for a year at sea. Is that unreasonable?
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    Sept., 2012
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    March 30, 2013


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    Vacations to whereever
    Citizen Observer Patrol
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    Mostly oldies, some soft rock, some mild country.
    Can't stand nasal country or rap.
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    Adventure, disaster, conflict, some comedy
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    All the CSI's, NCIS, 24
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    Oh yes! Not much I don't like. My waist line shows it.
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    Dog died years ago.
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    Clancy, Coonts, some others. Just finishing "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown
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    Stupid is as stupid does--Forrest Gump
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  1. The Disney cruises are definitely more than most others, but if you're a Disney fan they're worth every penny. :) And, they seriously spoil you... they see thousands of new people every single week, and I've had bartenders not only remember me but what I liked to drink. And they're just beautiful, elegant ships. Unfortunately, the $$ factor has gotten to be too much for my budget, so we're giving the Voyager a try. :)

    When was the last time you've been to WDW? We'll be back in December, and can't wait!! Only been to DL once when I was 5, but I promised my younger brother who lives in CA that my son and I would visit next year and we'd all go to Disneyland. :)

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