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  1. We have our 35 cruise booked on the Navigator of the Seas on March 30. This should indicate how we feel about cruising! Been on a couple that lost an engine causing us to have to limp back to port at about half speed. No worries. Had sewage blocked (Someone had tried to flush a towel.), but it only lasted about half a day. Missed ports due to storms. Still, the best vacation value.
  2. Hey Jeff:

    What are you alluding to with Tributecruises? I was just on the Elvis cruise and had a blast. Is this what you're talking about? That was my 25th cruise, but the first themed one. The impersonators were called "Tribute Artists."

  3. Waterboy27-- Waterboy comes from many years working with water treatment waaay before the movie. The 27 was at one time a race car project.
  4. Bad experiences? Well, set's see: Weather: Two days on the Carnival Liberty with seas so rough you had to hold on anywhere you went. Rocked to sleep at night. Shorex boat to St. John's like a carnival ride. Missed two ports in Hawaii due to a storm at sea. Other: Norwalk virus once for each of us on different cruises. Once on Celebrity Horizon, we were pulling in to St. Thomas. 0730, we were about to dock at the wrong pier. Ship made a HARD left turn and heeled over sharply. Whereever you were, you went with the inertia. Broke some 1,400 dinner plates. Topic of the rest of the cruise was "Where were you when--?" Stranded in Lahaina due to a motorcycle wreck on the narrow road to Kahalui (sp?). Lasted about six hours, late at night, no direction. Finally got word to gather at the pier, and the Norwegian Star came around the island to pick us up. Back on the ship about 0130. To the line's credit, they had a full buffet prepared for us and included the wine. Found there were some 700 of us there. No way was the ship going to leave that many passengers and go on to the next port. Absolute worst: Carnival Jubilee out of Galveston. While underway, the ship had a deep vibration that made everything rattle that wasn't nailed down. The glassware at the pool deck bar would vibrate not in time with the repeated tape or CD music. Even the small clip-on night lights on the headboards of the beds would vibrate to the point of having to put tissue under the clips to get to sleep. Had 2-3 days with no towels and washcloths. When asked, our steward told us they couldn't wash while at sea. There had to be enough stock on board to handle situations like that, if indeed they did exist. Had a blast on the trip, but the ship was past due for replacement. Nothing ever made us want to stop cruising. Just some we know we will not repeat.
  5. Got to be a song from Mac Fingall's "Red Plastic Bag" CD, the "Ragga Ragga" song. I can't stop my toes from tapping when I hear it. Paid $26 for the CD in Barbados several years ago just to get that song!
  6. Hey, Crazy4:

    We have a timeshare in Ormond Beach that we go to every year. It was the last week of July, so we took one of the days and went to visit the Magic Kingdom. At our age, it is getting harder to navigate the parks for much more than that.

    We used to take our grandkids when they passed their 5th b'day for their own week. We'd go to all the parks with them and really bonded. It was so fun to watch their eyes light up so much and so often. Actually, the last time I took anyone like that was about three years ago. I had occaision to go to S FL, and asked my bro to go with me, just the two of us. I told him to pack for a week. He is a Disney nut, with Mickey stuff all over his office at home. He had never been. We went to all four parks and a day at Downtown. When we got on the monorail to go into MK the first day, an expression of awe came over his face, and it never left. I wouldn't take anything for that experience.

    Back to cruising, I think you mentioned you are trying a Royal Caribbean ship next time. We've been on a couple of those, and they are great. Only thing is, there is a lot that has charges now that was once part of the ticket. Hold your coins.

  7. Gene: Awesome daughter you have to express her sympathies that well. So many kids now are so apethetic. You can be proud.
  8. Got to appreciate your handle. We've been to Disneyworld numerous times, as my wife's cousin worked there. Over 20, but who's counting? Only been to Disneyland once. Never been on a Disney cruise. Figured we could go on about three others for what that cost.

  9. Thanks MaryLou. It was taken in front of the Kauai Coffee Company in April, 2009. Not a cruise; we had two weeks of timeshare, one on kauai and one on Maui. Simply wonderful!

  10. Our third trip on the Holiday. Too close to home not to take advantage.
  11. Falina: The Star was our first trip to Hawaii, so everything there was new to us. I had just read J. Michenr's

    book on the subject, and it added so much to the experience. I would also recommend his book on Alaska.

  12. Wife and I, mid 60's, both retired and love cruising.

    Been on most of the major lines for 22 cruises. We have our 23rd booked for October 24.

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