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  1. Happy Birthday Oma24Boys!

  2. Good evening all...been MIA a few days. Trying to put in extra hours at work to make up for Monday and to get extra time for the time I am going to miss while I am on the Voyager 03FEB08 - 10FEB08. Boss Lady is really great about giving me the time if it is available. Right now it is but sadly everyone one around me at work is sick. I am using every precaution I can Hope everyone who has travels in the near future are staying well and are able to keep sick one's at arms lengths... Have a great evening... Later!
  3. I guess I should clarify "group" - I am cruising on the Voyager with my husband, bestfriend, her husband and their children/grandchildren... I hope that my being a TA is causing a stir because I am not here to solicit any business...the boards are a good source of inforamtion for myself and for me to make friends.
  4. Good Afternoon All! It has been a gloomy & lazy day here... I am happy to hear that everyone's health seems to be on the positve side and will keep you in my prayers for improvement where it is needed... Welcome home Joey. It sounds as if you had some wonderful pampering! That's the way to go cruising! Carmen & Joey I made two extra Mardi Gras style lanyards when I made my groups lanyards you are welcome to for your cruise you will be on over Mardi Gras... Stay safe and warm in this weather
  5. Mardi Gras Lanyard I hope this works...this should be the link to photos of the Mardi Lanyards I made. Carmen: When is your friend traveling on the Voyager of the Seas? Sweet Dreams all...
  6. And...we are the ones who are refused to be seen if we are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment and still charged. So...who takes responsiblity if, I pray there is not, something on the x-ray?
  7. Good Morning or afternoon for some...I am off today, yea! My prayers go out to those who are facing medical or personal needs at this time for themselves or with family and friends. Another gloomy day...but hopefully I will be seeing sunshine when I embark on my Voyager of the Seas the 3rd of February I did not realize that Mardi Gras is the weekend we are leaving so we decided to bite the bullet and spend Saturday night in Galveston partake in the festivities and go to the parade. My good friend is going with me and my hubby, Scott, along with her son/daughter-in-law/grandson and daughter/son-in-law/grandson/2 granddaughters. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought any green, gold and purple Christmas decorations at 80% off to decorate the doors of our cabins. I also made neck lanyards from purple, gold & green pony beads to look like Mardi Gras beads. We are going to be decked out for Mardi Gras this cruise Have a great day...
  8. Wow...this conversation goes quickly I had to go through three pages to keep up! I am a Admission Assistant at the community college so I am pretty much on the frontline with new students. I have been an Advisor and would like to get back into Advising but those jobs are very difficult to get even in a college town like Austin, TX. Steve: I use EZ Cruise Parking when I park in Galveston. They take you and your bags to the terminal. You can prepay online. EZ Cruise Parking I hope everyone had a great day! Goodnight all...
  9. Good Morning all... A quick note before I head off to work to the Community College. It's the second day of school...much drama for the first timers Reminds me when my sons went off to college for the first time. I hope everyone has a wonderful day...it's a little gloomy for a Texas day. Steve ---The weather in March does start getting really nice in March. If this if your first time in this area I will try to answer questions for you. I don't know it all.
  10. Good afternoo all: First, thanks for the warm welcome! In answer to the question about my home business I am a home-based TA. I habe been at if for about a year. I work by word of mouth in my small town...
  11. There is actually a Limo service, depending on the number of people, that is better than the shuttle service and the price is pretty close. From what I have heard the limo service seems to be more reliable and friendlier. You could also come in one day earlier and rent a car...there is supposed to be a place close to the port where you can drop your rental off. Since I am so close I have never done it but if you ever come this direction I will be glad to show you Texas hospitality and try to assist you.
  12. Well, as you can see, 3 weeks from today I leave on the Voyager of the Seas ...so you can imagine what I am doing! The suitcases has been taken out of the attic, been placed in the guestroom and are waiting patiently to be packed and unpacked with the same things that they were packed with the first time. The zippers are shuddering with the thought of whether they are going to make it through this cruise without spliting from the amount of of items that have been stuffed in the suitcase and are relieved when items are removed because they "aren't really necessary." But, then something else, at the last moment, is replace in the empty spot! Oh, woe for the poor suitcase...but, the suitcase hangs in there!
  13. Hi! I am new to Cruise Crazies and wanted to introduce myself. I am a proud mother of 2 sons, 2 dear daughter-in-laws, 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter due in March. I have been married to my wonderful husband Scott for almost 18 years this year. We love to cruise and since we have the luxury of living so close to Galveston to take advantage of it. I work part-time out Austin Community College to help me support a home-based business. Robin
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