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  1. Marcy, log in and start reading the NCL comments (Sky and Sun). I know I never said NCL again, but there is something about not having to pack dressy clothes. hmm

  2. It has been so long since I've had time to play on the computer that this whole website has changed. Hopefully I can post more ofte, but work seems to take up most of my time. I will try. Thanks guys

  3. Marcy, glad to see you found your way home....

  4. I see you have found us. Lots of new stuff to look at.

  5. Marcy - glad you found us here. Please post often

  6. Welcome back Debbie and Jerry. Everyone is very excited to hear all about your Hawaii cruise. Even though I have already talked to you we al want the juicy details. We are so happy you are home. Lets get busy and plan the next cruise. I,m sure you are already looking, cuz I know you very very well LOL
  7. I wonder what your waiters are going to say
  8. I feel sorry for your table mates cuz they are going to think you guys have lost your minds when you are talking to invisible peoplea and you have a stuffed bear eating dinner with you. They probably won't show up for dinner the next night.
  9. Have a great cruise, wish we were going to be with you. Next time for sure. Just talk to us every night at dinner and maybe it will seem like we are there with you. Take lots of pics and call me the second you get home. Your best friend Marcy. PS James and I will talk to you at dinner every night too, though I'm sure our food won't taste nearly as good as yours. Have fun bye.
  10. Thanks everyone. Sorry that I haven't been posting, started a new job and have been very busy. Thanks again
  11. Welcome aboard Julie. We always enjoyed the Rhino riding. We usually do alot of snorkeling and alsowe love taking the catamaran excurtions. Hope you have lots of fun.
  12. Have a great Birthday Joey. And many many more.
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