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  1. Best Shore excursion has to be the Falklands. It was the first time that we saw penguins, and they were all over. To get to the beach where the penguins were, townspeople from all over Stanley picked us up from the bus in their 4 wheel drives, and drove us across fields of sheep. After we explored the beach and had seen our fill of penguins, we went to a gathering place where the townspeople had set out a spread of coffee, cocoa and home baked cakes. We got to talking to one of our hosts, who happened to be the town doctor, a beautiful young Dutch woman, who told us when a ship comes in, everyone on the island comes to greet it. Obviously, they don't get an awful lot of company in the Falkland Islands. We were on the Celebrity Millenium, one of the best cruises from Buenas Aires to Santiago....
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  4. Gas, today, where I live is 4.19 per gallon. I filled up on Long Island yesterday for 3.99. Saved the 20c per. I remember when gas went to $1.00, and all the stations had to have their pumps recalculated, they never thought it would go over a dollar. I think they were selling it for awhile by the liter. Wasn't that around the time when you had to fill up on alternate days, and wait on line to buy gas.... I think as recently as the early 80's. I remember, because we also bought our first house in '79, with interest rate at 16%. now it's 6%. This too shall pass, but lets get the govenment to get on the bandwagon for some alternate fuels, and I don't mean corn.
  5. I vote for Fellin Hot Hot Hot. Can['t you just hear it in your mind, and see yourself on the deck by the pool, OOOOH that's where I'd like to be.
  6. We've had numerous inside cabins, They are not my favorite, but when the deal is right, we take it. We've been cruising long enough so that ships didn't used to have balconiesy, and the outside rooms had a little tiny porthole, usually fogged up, so..... it really didn't matter. Now that my DH is not so well, and we seem to spend more time in the cabin, we've been getting a balcony, so he can sit outside, without having to schlep through the ship. We often have our breakfast outside, and on this last trip, he was ill for several days, I'd order room service for lunch, and we would sit outside. We are leaving for alaska in August, and my Daughter's family has an inside, directly across from us, in a balcony. That way we all have a balcony, but only us old folks have to pay the premium. When we went on the Disney cruise we had 2 insides, because of the cost, and it was fine. We simply were not spending that much time in the cabin. It all depends on where you're going, and what your circumstances are.
  7. I have one suitcase forever, and I really like it, but the wheels just wore down to the hub. I went to home depot, bought casters, screwed them on, and voila.... like new. You know our luggage takes such a beating, I just figured, even if I only get 2 more cruises out of the castors, they only cost 1.98. a lot less than new luggage. BTW, I sawed off the old ones with a rotozip.
  8. A laugh a day keeps the psychiatrist away. You gave us 12 good ones. thanks
  9. BTW where is Wally World, sounds like a great place. Samsonite for $25???? I like that.
  10. I've got to agree. We just got around to replacing some of our luggage. i notice that a lot of people are buying RED. Well, that's what I bought because it was on sale, I'll have to tape flowers or something on them. But I had a good set, and the first time I used it, when we flew to Istanbul, the pull handle came out. Sometimes cheap is better. At least you won't feel so badly when they fall apart.
  11. I, too, dearly love St john. We stayed there for a week, a number of years ago, and loved it more every day. I did have a wonderful experience in Martinique. We were there in january, and while touring the island passed a huge field of re poinsettias. I still have that picture in my mind, and although there was not much else about Martinique that struck me that sight was memorable.
  12. AHHH "Freedom of the Seas" We went with my daughter's family, her DH and 3 kids. The Kids loved the ship, the rock wall, the ice skating, the kids pool. i think we had ice cream 4 times a day, every time we passed the ice cream kiosk. the activities for kids were terrific, and the service especially in the dining room was just great. They couldn't do enough for us. The kids had their favorites on the table when we arrived. Just great, But as I said, we were so busy, I never noticed the bedding.
  13. There are some people who just live to complain, and they can't wait to get home and complain to everyone. I agree with most of you, I'll make my own opinion. I've been on too many trips that fellow passengers were loudly complaining about something. Those are the same people who are rude to the letter carrier and the checkout clerk in the grocery store. I'll decide for myself.
  14. I just came off HAL Noordam and yes, I did notice the bedding. As it was, my DH got sick (cold and cough) while on the cruise, and spent a lot of time in the room and in bed. The linen was definately upgraded, and was very nice. Last cruise before was Freedom of the Seas, and I really did not notice, but i definately noticed the bedding on the Noordam.
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