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  1. I guess I must had missed the news about this one, I am not very good at checking my e-mail so I might had missed the invite....don't know if I will be able to make it or not. I just can't commit that far in advance. But thanks anyway.
  2. Martha, I am SO sad to hear about your nephew. Words cannot express the shock I felt when I heard the news this morning from Jim. I hope and pray you and the family can find some comfort in the coming days to make it through and I will say a special prayer for his daughters. It is beyond words how shocking this is and I am so sorry this has happened to your family.
  3. Good afternoon everybody, Welcome Moiraine :) I live in central Arkansas about 30 minutes outside of Little Rock also...LOL. and what Kevin is talking about is a red 1955 Chevy. If you have lived in Ark. for anytime the past 30 years you might have ACTUALLY been passed by it!!!
  4. Moiraine, have you ever been passed up by a really fast 55 Chevy???? Just wondering.....
  5. Good evening everybody. Live, love, laugh, and have faith...that is all any of us can do
  6. I wish all my Facebook and CruiseCrazie friends a Wonderful and Joyful Merry Christmas. I hope you all are able to be with your loved ones both near and far. Remember what the celebration is about and give thanks for what you have. Hug your family and hold them dear and please say a prayer tonight for the less fortunate. Thanks. :)
  7. I hope you and Kathy have a WONDERFUL cruise!
  8. News Flash...Alert CNN! My Bags Are Packed! I'm ready to go... I am really going to miss everybody...CC has become another family to me. Take care everyone.
  9. News Flash...Alert CNN! My Bags Are Packed! Safe Travels Everybody and I will See You In Miami!
  10. Good evening everybody! I am offically going to finish packing tomorrow, I am tired now and I am I tired of thinking about it...Yeap, it is goin happen, just tomorrow...I have just reached the point of "I really don't care" just put it in the suitcase...I will sort it all out in the Miami. Right now, it is working for me! LOL I will catch ya'll tomorrow, have a great night!
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