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  1. Not bad...I'm not sure about the "Allure of the Seas", but "Oasis of the Seas" sounds nice!
  2. No doubt! I agree fully! The life of a dog...other than the whole not being able to see color thing...not a bad life!
  3. I guess we just have to pack light, and enjoy the natural beauty of where we are. Maybe buy some cheap local clothes and save on airfare (and help local people). With gas being so expensive, this kind of makes sense.
  4. Wow, what an intense read. I'm not sure what to think about all this...I know that we aren't the most popular country in the world, but I can't believe our own government would do this to us. I guess I just never thought the President was that sophisticated...that he could pull something that sophisticated off...I mean, look at how messed up everything else he's tried to fix is! How could they pull this off? I just don't believe it...but I agree with radiofreebcj in that people should be allowed their opinions, and I thank him/her for the information. It's just not a very nice thing to think about though! I wish we could all just get along better.
  5. I can see the diary entry for the following Monday. "My daughter brought Brad home...they're dating now..." Hahahaha....
  6. I make a point of remembering the names of my stateroom attendants, waiters and muster station leaders. I also make a point of turning off my phone! I'm on vacation! It can wait!
  7. I was on a west coast cruise a few years back, and I really enjoyed the early morning sail in to both San Francisco and Vancouver. We were so early into SF that it was still dark! That was really enjoyable. Vancouver was beautiful as well...so green!
  8. I like: Confucious Says - "He who sits on a needle, soon gets the point!"
  9. I'll add what I can...haven't cruised too much, but I do enjoy the lifestyle (when I have time and money).
  10. Seems friendly. I've laughed at a few jokes already!
  11. Thanks again...very friendly people here! I looked at that x site, but it just wasn't for me.
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