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  1. Thanks everyone! I will wear it... I have many opps to wear BLACK formal wear... I like that this one is of color. I need to add color to wardrobe! You are right.... Who cares what everyone else thinks! I will feel and look great, and that is what matters! I will post pictures... probably ones taken on the cruise. I can hardly wait! I just back from a cruise that we took at the end of MAY>. I can hardly stand it! I should just pack up the house and move on board!
  2. We have cabin 8552... I know that the cabins are smaller on this ship... but I was wondering about these. It is an oceanview stateroom. On the website it appears to be like any other cruise we have been on, however, I read in a review somewhere that you have to climb into the bed form the end when it is placed in the "queen-size" figuration. Does anyone know about this? Also, is there a small sofa in the room, the drawing of it shows one, butwhen I look at the 360 photo, it does not... I am just trying to get a "Feel" for the size of theses cabins. I already know that the view is obstructed. One more thing... is there room for our suitcases anywhere if these cabins really are that small? OR should we plan on packing VERY light? Any info is appreciated.
  3. OK, let's give this another try! Let me know if this does not work... this is using the photbucket directions. Any opinions are appreciated. I have been on 2 cruises, one was very Formal (I wore a long black glwn), the other was semi formal (I wore a short, black coctail dress with bling).... this dress falls in between. We are going on the 4 night MOnarch cruise out of LA in July. I am not sure if this is going to be too formal or not. Thanks for any opinions. Paige
  4. We are going on the RCI Monarch in July... every ship has a different level of dress for formal night. Will this dress be appropriate? OR should I wear a black one? (I have MANY dresses). Thanks for any opinion. I have auburn hair and blue eyes. Let's see if this posts. thanks,\Paige
  5. Thatnks everyone! I am very excited about this cruise. (Monarch) I have a question about the excersions... We signed up for the Wine Tastings in Mexico (my husband is not mubh of a shopper). Has anyone ever done that? Also, what is the "must do" thing for Catalina Island? Or would we just have more fun staying aboard and having a "spa" day? We are going to the zoo in SanDiago.
  6. We have gone to vacation club presentations and recieved things like this... BUT, we paid for taxes and port fees through the cruiseline.. only the cabin was paid for. We never had to send this to anyone ahead of time. It worked like a gift certificate for the cabin... we paid the rest. That was how we went on our first cruise.
  7. If you have a problem ask to speak to Seamus Mee he is the Maître'D aboard the Monarch... tell Mr Mee. That you are a CruiseCrazie member and see what that does...(maybe nothing ) you could drop my name....(but you may get thrown overboard) But seriously he is a great Maître'D and will be able to help you if nessessary.. tell him Joseph Brecker said hellO...what size table did you request?.. To my knowlege, we have not requested a table size. I prefer groups, my husband would prefer it be small, MAYBE one other couple. I will not say anything about requesting table size.... that way it will be a surprise (and pobably be a larger table!) Having late dining, I am hoping that there will not be children at our table. This cruise is to get away from children :). Thanks for all of your help!
  8. Hi Paige.... You are doing the M-F run out of San Pedro? The staff is excellent.. If your run accross a bartender named Charley or Ricky you have found two of the ships best...you may ask or look for them in the scooner lounge.... Late seating doesnt conflict with entertainment... I have sailed the Monarch 3 times always late seating .. never had a problem... Hope you guys have a great cruise!! Joey Thanks! I will look for them! And thanks for the info on the dinners seating... I had read somewhere that if you have the late sitting you will miss the shows. My husband and I prefer late sitting because we like the "night life" on the cruises and it just starts winding up about the time we finish dinner!
  9. We are going on our 3rd cruise the last week July. RCI's Monarch of the seas 5 day. We have been on CC and DCL and enjoyed both. Any tips or must sees on Monarch? We have late dining... will this impact our ability to see the shows? Thanks, Paige
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