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    United States


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    Royal Carib
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    People watching
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    Caribbean - Southern
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    St. Lucia
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    Mostly all of the Caribbean - Southern, Eastern, and Wester, including Mexico and Panama Canal. Looking forward to a Mediterranean cruise, as well as the Mexican Riviera, Hawaii and Tahiti....we'll see how it turns out.
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    I love reading....mostly murder mysteries. As a break, I will buy one of those "women friends" kind of books, about a group who hang out and the escapades they enjoy. A nice change of pace. Travel, of course, primarily cruising. A good "road trip" is nice once in a while. The beach @ Siesta Key. Dancing. Hanging out with my NJ friends.
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    Music varies with the situation. My CD collection is very varied, from Michael Buble, Sinatra, Dean Martin to Simon & Garfunkel, Jefferson Airplane, Billy Joel, as well as Motown (love David Ruffin!), Meatloaf, Beatles, and yes, some country, Toby Keith, Waylon Jennings, and the now ostracized Dixie Chicks.
  • Movies
    Action, comedy, drama, and an occasional "chick flick" (which is usually disappointing, but I love Jennifer Aniston). Horror movies...only if they are not dumb, bloody, soft porn types.
  • TV Shows
    Reality TV! Amazing Race, Survivor, Hell's Kitchen, Big Brother, American Idol. As far as regular TV shows: Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy (every nurse watches that!), Army Wives. Cable shows: True Blood (love those vamps), Weeds, Dexter, Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • Sports
    You're kidding, right? ME? HA!<br>The ONLY sports-type show I would watch is Professional Bull Riding! Those guys are HOT!
  • Food
    Italian is our favorite kind of food: pizza, calzones, fried calamari, and eggplant parm, a good filet mignon or prime rib on the rare occasion I feel carnivorous, sometimes Chinese, sometimes Mexican,
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    Never, sorry.....
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    Favorite authors: James Patterson, Stuart Woods, Sandra Brown, Ed McBain (R.I.P.)
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    Don't sit around waiting for things to happen...get up and go!
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    Registered Nurse
  1. Happy Birthday Ellie!

  2. Great review, as usual, Rose. That's really a bad impression of Island Princess. We've cruised on Princess a lot and have never had any problems. Hope I'm not speaking too soon...... We're cruising on the Grand next month and probably the Emerald in December 2012 for New Year's Eve....remember 2008??? HA! I did get my banana daiquiri in St. Maarten last January with K&R.
  3. OH! We're certainly watching! Loved it when Shannon was noted off last week. What an idiot.....he should know not to go off like that while everyone is waiting to vote. He sealed his fate with his big mouth! And poor JJ. Jeff was right when he said they voted off a "proven leader". But the question prior to the vote "Do you think you are one of the weakest?" did it for Jimmy Johnson....he was the only one who said "Yes", so that kind of declared his fate. Everyone else said no, which showed they really wanted to stay. JJ's response surprised me.....truthful but risky....and he lost. Well, now it will be Marty vs. Jimmy T. for the leadership position. And both of them are quite assertive. The Young Team....DUH! FABIO....Are you there????? What is he on? NaOnka....Ms. Ghetto....nice move on Kelly B. I'm sure that will put a bullseye on her back.....and rightfully so! I miss Parvati! She was always my favorite when she played!!!!
  4. MARY LOU: I worked for an orthopedic surgeon many moons ago.....he treated a lot of kids, too. NEVER have I heard anything like what you described. Not sure I would return to that doctor.....and would make an ASAP appt. with another one.....take the x-rays too! Kids grow and heal much faster than adults. An uncasted arm could lead to a malformation of the fracture (making it crooked and probably more apt to fracture in the future). Good luck with this...sounds like a frustrating situation for all!
  5. I'M BAAACCCKKK!!!!! Had a hectic 5 days which involved our trip to NJ/PA. Flew up on Thursday, very uncomfortable flight. Spirit decreased the leg space and size of the pull down table to what felt like 12". Sat in the middle in between Frank (window) and an "oversized passenger" in the aisle seat. The entire right side of her body invaded my space and each time she turned a page in her book (with her right hand, of course), I got an elbow in my arm. She also wore so much perfume I was sneezing and became very congested. Don't even know her but I intensely dislike her! Stayed at Sharon & George's for 2 nights, then went to the wedding in PA on Saturday, stayed overnight there, then back to NJ. Lots of running around, it seemed. The wedding was beautiful, my new niece looked gorgeous, my nephew Mark is always handsome as ever, and the hall was wonderful, great food, drinks, dancing and lots of fun. Loved seeing "my boys" (3 nephews) again. They are great guys. The funniest thing is the cake topper....yes, your traditional bride and groom, but backwards! With the bride's hand grasping the groom's butt! The two of them are always laughing and enjoying life. They have some sense of humor.....runs in both families. Worked Tues.-Wed.-Thurs......all 9 hour days. Never got home before 7 PM. Was hungry & exhausted. Off today with lots to do. So I'll just relax and go for my Mani-Pedi. Going dancing tonight here in our little community. "The Dukes" will be playing oldies in our ballroom and the theme is "Dukes at the Diner"......all food will be like diner food.....hot dogs, burgers, FF, baked macaroni/cheese, chicken fingers, coleslaw, chili, sauerkraut and a root beer float station! Looking forward to a fun night. Guess I better get moving. Of course, it's raining since I have to go out. Can't remember the last time it rained, although I do know it was during the night sometime. Cooling off a bit here. Nice breeze in the AM but it hits 90 by mid-morning. Ahh....Florida! I was freezing in NJ & PA. Wore long pants most of the time we were there.....and a sweater, of course. Thanks for asking about me....thanks to Keith for providing info as to our whereabouts. He's our watchdog, you know. By the way, KEITH: McKenna is gorgeous......that seems to run in the family (starting with your daughters, that is!). Have a fun weekend....relaxing, shopping, or doing whatever makes you feel good!
  6. That's OK, Jenn. Maybe you're just too young to know the answers. (That's always my excuse!)
  7. We also have available the following prizes: Tan shoes & pink shoelaces. Blue velvet dress. An Itsy-bity teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.
  8. The way I see it, I have two choices: Wear a hat or buy a wig! Going to our clubhouse for drinks & dinner and meeting up with our friends & neighbors. It's like "CHEERS", that old TV show. "Everybody knows your name"....that's what we like.....reminds us of the old corner bars they had back in Philly & Trenton....except you have mostly couples at our place. Usually see more single women than single guys....guess they don't want to feel trapped in one place with women on the prowl....HAHAHA!
  9. HI, MARTHA! Did all those colors and large print help to wake you up???????????
  10. Good Morning, Crazies & HAPPY FRIDAY! Had 2 full plus days (9 hours each) this week. Paycheck today showed a definite increase in $$$ but I'm still waiting for my REAL paycheck. Hopefully, the census will be picking up soon. Getting tired of watching my pennies and not going out to eat as often and not doing any spontaneous purchases. I'm sure that's how I should be....maybe I'll get used to it and become a financially wiser woman. Working is great as long as I can enjoy the fruits of my labor. My trip to the hair stylist on Wednesday didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped. I switched over to another girl....mine didn't seem to grasp what I was looking for in a haircut. On the spur of the moment, I decided to go short.....and looked in books, found something I loved, and she said "No problem". She worked really long, doing a lot of "texturizing", lots of layers, and must have gotten carried away. When I showed her the picture, I said "I love how the back looks on this style". Well, my back is about 2 inches shorter than the picture! My front is nothing like the picture.....or at least only a vague interpretation. Let's just say it is SHORT!!!! Didn't want that. Frank's response was "Wow...it's short"....Hmmmm. People at work like it, but I think they're just being nice. But it grows quickly, so I figure by Christmas, it will look like the picture.....HAHAHA! MARYLOU: Glad you're back safe & sound and enjoyed the cruise. Poor Ashleigh....there's always something going on in your life....very hectic, it seems. HECTOR: Glad your mother is on the road to better days. Thank God! TONI: Maybe I missed your response to your job, but I have to say I'm intrigued. You say you teach but it sounds like you're in a secured area, like a prison. Please satisfy my curiosity, as well as that of others. If you feel I'm invading your privacy in some way, I apologize in advance, and just ignore my request. TIM: Sorry about the cruise. What's happening with the weather in NY? Looks like Earl is keeping his distance from the coast. ROSE: Down to the wire now, girl. You'll be sailing before you know it. Have a wonderful time! DEB: Good Luck to Evin for this semester. Hope he does well and enjoys it. Proud Mama, huh? KEVIN: So sorry about Sharon's injury. OMG! Everybody's got a story to tell about illness, surgery, etc. Hope she's able to be somewhat comfortable in her condition. I'm sure the entire family is waiting on her hand and foot (or is it ankle?). K&R: Congratulations on your granddaughter's achievements! What a star! You guys must be the proudest grandparents in Corn Country! Sounds like you did a good job with your daughters, and they are passing on to their kids how to achieve their goals. You really have a full schedule this month......you guys need a vacation! Maybe you should pop on down to Siesta Key and hang out with the 4 of us. Beach should be real nice, soaking up the sun, having a cold one from the cooler.....AHHHHHH. Don't worry, we'll send you a postcard! Or better yet...pictures! JACKIE: Loved the sausage story. I could only imagine what that's like! STEVE: Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Wondering about Gramps....is he OK? Leaving tomorrow.....returning on Tuesday....working Wed. & Thurs. (yeah! 2 days again!!!) So you won't be hearing from me for a while. Have a good week, Y'ALL!
  11. 1. C 2. B 3. A 4. C 5. A 6. C. 7. B 8. A 9. C 10. C 11. A 12. C. 13. B 14. A 15. C 16. A 17. B 18. B 19. B 20. C 21. B 22. C 23. B 24. A 25. B 26. C 27. B 28. A 29. C 30. C
  12. Quiz & Answers under "Recent Posts" Hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane! Are we really THAT old? - Ellie
  13. 1. When did "Little Suzie" finally wake up? A. 2 o'clock. B. 3 o'clock C. 4 o'clock 2. "Rock Around The Clock" was used in what movie? A. Rebel Without a Cause B. Blackboard Jungle C. The Wild Ones 3. What's missing from a Rock & Roll standpoint? Earth___________ A. Angel B. Mother C. Worm 4. "I found my thrill....".....Where? A. Kansas City B. Heartbreak Hotel C. Blueberry Hill 5. "Please turn on your magic beam, ___________bring me a dream? A. Mr. Sandman B. Earth Angel C. Dream Lover 6. For which label did Elvis Presley first record? A. Atlantic B. RCA C. Sun 7. He asked, "Why's everybody always pickin' on me?" A. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown B. Charlie Brown C. Buster Brown 8. In Bobby Darin's "Mack The Knife", the one with the knife was named: A. MacHeath B. MacCloud C. MacNamara 9. Name the song with "A-wop bop a-loo bop a-lop bam boom" A. Good Golly, Miss Molly B. Be-Bop-A-Lula C. Tutti Fruitti 10. Who is generally given credit for originating the term "Rock and Roll"? A. Dick Clark B. Wolfman Jack C. Alan Freed 11. In 1957, he left the music business to become a preacher: A. Little Richard B. Frankie Lymon C. Tony Orlando 12. Paul Anka's "Puppy Love" is written to what star? A. Brenda Lee B. Connie Francis C. Annette Funicello 13. The Everly Brothers were: A. Pete and Dick B. Don and Phil C. Bob and Bill 14. The Big Bopper's real name was: A. Jiles P. Richardson B. Roy Harold Scherer, Jr. C. Marion Michael Morrison 15. In 1959, Berry Gordy, Jr. started a small record company called: A. Decca B. Cameo C. Motown 16. Edd Byrnes had a hit with "Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb". What TV show was he on? A. 77 Sunset Strip B. Hawaiian Eye C. Surfside Six. 17. In 1960 Bobby Darin married: A. Carol Lynley B. Sandra Dee C. Natalie Wood 18. They were a one hit wonder with "Book of Love". A. The Penguins B. The Monotones C. The Moonglows 19. The Everly Brothers sang a song called "Till I ______You". A. Loved B. Kissed C. Met 20. Chuck Berry sang a song called "Oh, ________, why can't you be true?" A. Suzie Q B. Peggy Sue C. Maybelline 21. Wooly______ A. Mammoth B. Bully C. Pully 22. I'm like a one-eyed cat....." A. can't go into town no more B. sleepin' on a cold hard floor C. peepin' in a seafood store 23. "Sometimes I wonder what I'm gonna do....." A. cause there ain't no answer for a life without booze B. cause there ain't no cure for the summertime blues C. cause my car's gassed up and I'm ready to cruise 24. "They often call me Speedo, but my real name is........" A. Mr. Earl B. Jackie Pearl C. Milton Berle 25. "You're my Fanny and nobody else's....." A. girl B. butt C. love 26. "I want you to play with my....." A. heart B. dreams C. ding a ling 27. "Be Bop A Lula......" A. she's got the rabies B. she's my baby C. she loves me, maybe 28. "Fine Love, Fine Kissing....." A. right here B. fifty cents C. just for you 29. "He wore black denim trousers and....." A. a pink carnation B. pink leotards C. motorcycle boots 30. "I got a gal named......." A. Jerry Zamboni B. Gerri Mahoney C. Boney Maroney ANSWERS ON A DIFFERENT TOPIC
  14. Hi, Everybody! Had some issues with our cable that provides our phone line and internet access. Called them last night when I got home from work and within 15 minutes, everything was back up and running......solutions from a distance and without any inconvenience. Love it! Had a long day at work yesterday (finally)....got home around 7 and was tired & hungry. Ate too much over the weekend, so my stomach did not appreciate returning to the diet yesterday. I heard a distant grumbling and low voices yelling "food....foood". HECTOR: Good news about your mother. Now all the hard work will be yours....patience with her progress....slowly but surely is your best thought. SHAUNNA: Bye-Bye, Gary.....Hello, Steph & Layla. You really have an overwhelming life! What's happening with Steve's illness? Any diagnosis or plan of care? Even with all that's going on around you, I'm sure you are enjoying Layla being there and getting her all ready for her first day of school....take pictures and post them, please. Enjoy it while it's happening....times flies and we don't know what's waiting around the corner, right? Still hoping you get that job....have you tried to call them and act SUPER-INTERESTED???? Sometimes that makes the decision between you and another candidate. ROSE: GEE....Even the Skipper is afraid of you! Good move encouraging the Crazies to get going on this forum. Martin is arriving on October 21. With all the time I've been losing this summer, I'm afraid I won't be taking off as much time as I would like. However, I'm sure we will be seeing a lot of each other during his two weeks here. Isn't that cool that he is now bringing 2 friends with him....you'll love Carsten....he's a real sweetie! I don't know anything about Arne, but if he's a friend of Martin's, he'll be a friend of ours. By the way, great deals @ Stein Mart's 12 hour sale on Saturday. Got a flyer in the mail about the next one....check out the newspaper for coupons! SKIPPER: OMG! I'm SO JEALOUS!!!! That was an absolutely incredible concert you went to. WOW! We would have enjoyed that so much. TIM: I heard the other day that the Carnival Dream was rerouted from Eastern Caribbean to Western Caribbean.....as long as everyone is safe! HA! RAY: Glad Yuki is coming home.....I bet you missed her a lot and made the sure the house is immaculate for her arrival....maybe some roses in a vase, nice bottle of wine.....Hmmmm......have a good night! SHARI: I just got an e-mail of 30 questions regarding the Rock N Roll era.....most of them involve lyrics from a song, and I got only 2 wrong. If I reach 90, I'll be sitting in a wheelchair in a nursing home, won't know my name, but I'll know all the words to the songs from those days. WOOLY BOOLY! Hope all those suffering from minor ailments, aches & pains, and illnesses are feeling better each day. Good health is like a sunny day! Speaking of which, we are starting out our mornings in the mid to hi 70s.....with a lovely little breeze in the air. AHHHH.......but by Noon it's in the 90s again. Gotta love it here in Florida or else why stay, right? Martin will be happy he will be able to breathe when he arrives at the end of October. He was dying in June! Not used to the stifling humidity and high temps.
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