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    United States


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    Royal Carib
  • Favorite Shipboard Activity
    People watching
  • Favorite Itinerary
    Caribbean - Southern
  • Favorite Port of Call
    St. Lucia
  • Favorite Port Activity
  • Places I've Cruised To
    Mostly all of the Caribbean - Southern, Eastern, and Wester, including Mexico and Panama Canal. Looking forward to a Mediterranean cruise, as well as the Mexican Riviera, Hawaii and Tahiti....we'll see how it turns out.
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  • Hobbies & Interests
    I love reading....mostly murder mysteries. As a break, I will buy one of those "women friends" kind of books, about a group who hang out and the escapades they enjoy. A nice change of pace. Travel, of course, primarily cruising. A good "road trip" is nice once in a while. The beach @ Siesta Key. Dancing. Hanging out with my NJ friends.
  • Music
    Music varies with the situation. My CD collection is very varied, from Michael Buble, Sinatra, Dean Martin to Simon & Garfunkel, Jefferson Airplane, Billy Joel, as well as Motown (love David Ruffin!), Meatloaf, Beatles, and yes, some country, Toby Keith, Waylon Jennings, and the now ostracized Dixie Chicks.
  • Movies
    Action, comedy, drama, and an occasional "chick flick" (which is usually disappointing, but I love Jennifer Aniston). Horror movies...only if they are not dumb, bloody, soft porn types.
  • TV Shows
    Reality TV! Amazing Race, Survivor, Hell's Kitchen, Big Brother, American Idol. As far as regular TV shows: Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy (every nurse watches that!), Army Wives. Cable shows: True Blood (love those vamps), Weeds, Dexter, Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • Sports
    You're kidding, right? ME? HA!<br>The ONLY sports-type show I would watch is Professional Bull Riding! Those guys are HOT!
  • Food
    Italian is our favorite kind of food: pizza, calzones, fried calamari, and eggplant parm, a good filet mignon or prime rib on the rare occasion I feel carnivorous, sometimes Chinese, sometimes Mexican,
  • Pets
    Never, sorry.....
  • Books
    Favorite authors: James Patterson, Stuart Woods, Sandra Brown, Ed McBain (R.I.P.)
  • Quotes
    Don't sit around waiting for things to happen...get up and go!
  • Occupation
    Registered Nurse

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  1. Hi Ellie! Glad you popped in. How's Frank??? Or is that Larry??? LOL

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