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  1. Hey Guys, I see that everyone is having a great time! Happy partying!
  2. Thanks everyone I really appreciated the thought.
  3. "YAY" were safe here in Texas!! Uh Joey maybe you need to move to Texas!!LOL!! Well since Texas is such a huge state, there's bound to be a tornado or earthquake somewhere. According to this http://neic.usgs.gov/neis/last_event_state...ates_texas.html , we had an earthquake in West Texas this year! Thanks Joey for the interesting site.
  4. Umm, the link hasn't worked for me from the time I received the email, 8/4, to now 5:07 p.m. cdt. I looked at the beginning of this thread and the posts are from August, 2007? I'm I going crazy....don't answer that :)
  5. I haven't taken anything except a magazine or two in the past, but I will be taking a book on my next one since this will be the first time we have a balcony.
  6. I prefer paper docs to the edocs, but whatever gets me on the ship will be fine with me :) I prefer the paper docs over the edocs because I like to save some of the luggage tags and the booklet the docs are in as souvenirs. If you are a scrapbooker, the real deal is a must.
  7. Did you book flight and cruise together through the named travel agent for this cruise? I went to AA.com and Delta.com and they aren't taking reservations past May 2009. I'm now interested in seeing what the fares are. Maybe......I can wing something to go :)
  8. Yes, Dfw is the hub for American Airlines, but that doesn't mean very much these days :)
  9. I'm looking for the dates of this cruise, I see when the final payment is due, but I want to check the airline flights for the day before the cruise begins.
  10. so do we..... are you sure there is NO WAY?! The problem would definitely be the airfare..the cruise I could see my head around. That's way I love to go on cruises out of Galveston eventhough there's not much variety.
  11. I wish I could really, but the expense of airlines tickets, especially coming out of DFW is too discouraging :(
  12. This looks like it's going to be so much fun! I wish I could join y'all.
  13. Paige, honestly I love it! I think you will look beautiful in it :)
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