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  1. Hi nice to meet all of you Rose says very nice things about everyone on cruise crazies

  2. Carolyn- we are so happy to have you on CC. We think Rose is pretty special. Hope you post often.

  3. Carolyn, welcome to CruiseCrazies. We all love Rose.

  4. Welcome to CruiseCrazies Carolyn. I hope you will stop by and post often.

  5. Carolyn, welcome to CC. We absolutely LOVE your daughter - you did a great job with her!!! Hope to see you posting soon and often.

  6. Hi Carolyn glad to meet you. You have a wonderful daughter. Hope you post often.

  7. Welcome aboard, Carolyn. You have a wonderful daughter. We've gotten to know each other pretty well through CruiseCrazies. I hope you'll become a regular around here. Hope to see you posting often. Cheryl

  8. Hope you are have a great day Sailingrose .


  9. Welcome aboard Carolyn. We cruised with Rose and Howie for New Years.

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  11. Hi all my name is Carolyn and I love to cruise. I am pretty new to Cruise Crazies.I also have a daughter that is on Cruise Crazies. Her name is Rose.

  12. Rose and Howie hope you had a great time. See you when you get back. Love mom
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