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    Royal Carib
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    Key West
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    Local bars & hangouts
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    I love spending time in Palm Springs. I am an avid Hollywood buff. I love learning about its history.
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    I love all types of music, from some hard rock and rap, to classical and Opera. My guildy pleasures are the great lady vocalists.. Judy Garland, Lena Horne, Barbra Stresiand, Diana Ross, Liza Minnelli.
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    Gone With the Wind, It's a Wonderful Life, Meet Me in St. Louis, Titanic, The Poseidon Adventure,<br>Now Voyager, I Could Go On Singing,
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    Discovery Channel, History Channel, Biography Channel, PBS
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    Bike riding, power Walking, Hiking, swimming,
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    Steak and Potatos guy.
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    not at this time..Love Dogs.
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    The Dictionary.
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    Life is a banquet, and most poor sons-of-*****es are starving to death.
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    film studio
  1. Happy Birthday deckhand!

  2. I want to see who else is sailing with RSVP on the Eurodam next month. Hit me up!!!!
  3. I want to see who else is sailing with RSVP on the Eurodam next month. Hit me up!!!!
  4. [font="Comic Sans MS]Hey fellah's. Who else is sailing with RSVP next month, on February 21st?
  5. last week I was staying at a hotel, on the waterfront of Norfolk VA. I looked out my window, and there was the Disney Magic, in drydock. I saw her at least half a dozen times this past summer, while she was sailing to Mexico, out of Los Angeles..
  6. [/size] I once had a fellow passenger take my bag. We docked in Ft. Lauderdale, where I was staying a few extra days post cruise. He lived in Miami. It took 24 hours, but I we exchanged bags. They were so identical, right down to our handwriting on our luggage tags. The problem was he did not go straight home, so the bag sat in his car for a day, and the cruise line only had his home phone. I was very lucky he did not live far away. In addition, when my color was called to leave the ship, I waited until other friends were called; at least an hour. Had I been there on time, I possibly could have prevented that from happening, but it all worked out fine.
  7. Does anyone care to share any experiences with bad weather and rough seas while sailing? I have sailed on 21 or so cruises.. and I have been very lucky. Nothing too severe, though while sailing on the Zuiderdam this past February, there were sea sickness bags placed at various locations on the ship. Had I not stayed on my back, I would have been sick. I have never felt the need for dramamine, how well does it work?.. :mellow:
  8. There are currently 7 Titanic exhibits total all from the same company.... some are more spectacular than others, buy they are all grea; some go so far as to completely re-create sections of the ship, with light and sound effects, and actors in costume interacting with guests..it's like being on a movie set.. truly realistic.. and in three dimension. The largest and best of these exhibits.. contains a very large section of the ships hull, pull from the bottom of the atlantic.. it is a large as a living room wall, and then some.. it is not displayed behind a payne of glass, so if you play your cards right, you can reach out and touch it.. which is what I did.. enough said.. I touched the TITANIC... xo Gary
  9. Dear Friends.. I grew up near San Francisco.. and have always had a tremedouse passionat crush on Los Angeles..I have lived in L.A going on twenty years now.. and I am so very happy here.. but I am still very close to family.. my brother and his family live in Orange County, and my parents and sister still live in the Bay Area.. I am lucky,, but at the end of the day.. you have to Love where you lay your head.. we are better people when we take care of ourselves first.. then we can truly take care of others... Gary
  10. Thank you, and I was just wondering about your friend...is the treatment helping any, or is is the type the shots don't help? My Mother is at the point she is getting shots in her eye and it is supposed to be saving what sight she has but so far this year she has lost a tremendous amount of sight. I guess she would had been blind without the shots. It is very frustrating. Unfortunately, the shots did not help and she has lost vision in her left eye. It is very sad indeed. Hello everyone.. Gary here from Los Angeles. My two favoirte things in the world are the entertainment industry, cruising and cruise ships. You can sometimes find me down at the port of Los Angeles, walking the new Promenade, built to resemble the deck of a ship. I enjoy the nautical atmosphere, and waving goodbye to the ships leaving port. For those of you in southern CA, check it out. It's great fun! Makes you want to book a cruise ASAP. As for the show-biz side to me.. I recently attended a Diana Ross concert at the Hollywood Bowl, Debbie Reynolds in concert,and a screening of a 70mm print of Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty. It's about to be re-released on DVD in a collectors edition. Lenoard Maltin hosted the evening. This evening was held at the Acadamy of Motion pictures..(oscars) they host many wonderful events like this, and they are open to the public. I attended a discussion with Olivia deHaviland two years ago, honoring Olivia on her 90 birthday.. she is a gracious, energetic, quick and overall AMAZING woman. She did not look or act a day over 60. It was truly an honor to be in the presence of a cast member from Gone with The Wind. So as you can see it's a lot of fun living here with all these great events to attend. Please feel free to contact me, espcially if you live in southern CA.. thanks.. Gary
  11. My love for modern day cruising has developed into a facination and love of for transatlantic liners of the past. The era prior to commercial jet liners. 1962 was the first year more people flew to Europe, than sailed via luxury liner. I feel very fortunate to live very close to one of the, if not the only ship from that era still in existence today, The Queen Mary. I am hopefull that the right people will come along with a GREAT deal of money, and restore her to her original state, and allow her to be a physical representation and monument to a time in our histroy that is no more. I was very exited a few weeks ago; I was flying into Philladelpia, when I looked at the window, and noticed the SS United States at her Berth. Those stacks are undeniable. I understand NCL is tossing around the idea of restoring her for cruising. As many of you know, they restored the SS France to the Norway in 1979. She, unfortunatly is in the process of being scrapped somewher in India, after an explosion some years back.
  12. Hello everyone.. I am looking to redo the walls in my apt. and I want to cover them with those wonderful vintage ship related ads from the past.. I have seen several companies that sell them on line, but I am wondering if any of you know of a company or person you would recomend. Thank you for any and all suggestions.. Gary
  13. for pre and post cruise accomodations.. nothing beats Pineapple Point in Ft. Lauderdale. Gay owned and opperated. If the Disney company were asked to design a gay tropical resort.. this place is it. I sail primarily with RSVP, though I have sailed on an Atlantis cruise.. I love them both.. all the best.. Gary
  14. Smokers! The wind blows it everywhere.. even half a deck away. Unless you have physical condition, don't take the elevator one or two decks. Passengers who walk out on shows in the middle of a song.. wait until the song is over.. then leave.. that is very rude to performers and your fellow passengers who are enjoying the show. Loud voices in quiet places!
  15. [/size] Sovereign of the Seas..Hello, I am very happy to be apart of this site!! Can anyone out there find or make me a copy of the Travel channel/TLC/Discovery channel special entitiled Drydock: A cruise ship reborn? Any and all help with tracking this down will be greatly appreciated.. GREATLY!!!
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