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  1. this may sound like a very stupid idea, but i was one day looking into finding a power cruising boat that would be at least a 60 ft hull so that i can turn it into my very first cruiseline and maybe start my fleet of sightseeing cruises here in portland,or. do you think im to big of a dreamer?? ive always wanted to start my own smallship cruises and make them the sameway but without 100s of people. i would like to take my 25yrs and make my own experiance and use it to make my dream ship.
  2. hi my name is thomas and ive been a cruise fanatic since 1985 and ever since been cruising throughout the carribean. i used to work on a cruiseline back in 1997 but that is a long story. but right now im currently going to the international air and hospitality acadmey in vancouver,wa. im training to be a travel agent that specializes in the cruise industry. i know just about all the cruiseships by name, company and passenger size. this includes the size,weight and length of every ship known to man. i was trained on this by the captain of a spacific ship. he was on my dads side of the family. you ask me anything and i will give you the answer to your needs.
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