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  1. Hi all... Just wanted to update the progress on our "dream" cruise. We finally booked our air travel! We'll be flying Qantas (premium economy)! Picked Qantas over Vaustralia because it was $600+ cheaper and had more little perks! Also booked our hotel for overnight in Sydney prior to flight home...Holiday Inn (Rocks). The 3 nights prior to boarding is still to be booked (Sheraton, Darling Harbor) still need a few more Starwood points! Should be ready to book in a week or two! We're getting excited! Art
  2. Hi Martha and Lee... Kathy and I are beginning the process of trying to find an airline to fly on to OZ! We'd love to go at least business class, but boy, is that expensive! We've pretty much narrowed the choices down to United (economy plus) and V Australia (Virgin)...maybe premium economy! Will wait until we get closer to the actual cruise. Head back to PA in early May for Kathy's mothers 102 birthday!...And then over to Kona for a few weeks! Art
  3. AND TODAY...is 1 year from "sail away"! But who's counting...!! Art and Kathy
  4. We just realized that a year from today we'll be winging our way to OZ!! Half the fun is in the planning!! Art and Kathy
  5. Hi Jackie and Tony... Two cruises, back to back! Same ship "Radiance of the Seas". We've been dreaming about this trip since our first trip to Australia/New Zealand in '07!!
  6. Finally booked our dream cruise! B2B on the Radiance sailing from Sydney north around Australia (including Bali) to Perth (16 nights) and then from Perth south to N.Z. and eventually back to Sydney (18 nights). 34 fantastic days and nights!! Plus a few nights in the beginning in Sydney to adjust to the time change! Hope some of you crazies are able to join us!!
  7. Just booked our 15th cruise on Explorer (RCI) for a East coast cruise. Since we're flying back (from CA) to PA to visit 101 year old mother in law thought we might as well fit in a cruise! With Aloha, Art
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  11. Mike... We did a 12 day Australia/New Zealand cruise in '07...the cruise and the people were so great we're planning on doing a circumnavigation of Australia...with a side trip to New Zealand. It will be one heck of a trip! Art
  12. Rose... We really do love the "Radiance". This will be the 2nd time we've sailed on her! Art and Kathy
  13. The wife and I have decided to take an 11 day cruise to Mexico (departing from San Diego, our home port.) The price was right!! The Australian cruise is still a little ways off, so we thought this RCL cruise will help cure our 'cruise blues'!
  14. KARTGV: When we retired we moved to Grass Valley, CA. Wife's name is Kathy, mine is Art...hence Kartgv. Now we live in Oceanside, CA (near San Diego, but never bothered to chnge it!
  15. My wife (Kathy) and I have been cruising for many years. I've checked the forums from time to time, but really haven't had to much to say! Actually been pretty busy playing landlord...we have a condo in Kona, HI that we rent out and it has been keeping us both quite busy. We've been looking into a 28 day cruise around Australia for next year. We've did an Australia/New Zealand cruise a couple of years ago and it was great...loved the people!!

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  18. Thanks for the welcome!! We leave next Wednesday for Vancouver and our 3rd Alaska cruise. A 14 day cruise on the Radiance of Seas. The cruise ends in San Diego...home!! Art
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