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    Australia / New Zealand
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    Venice, Italy
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    Alaska, Caribbean, Panama Canal, South America, Australia-New Zealand, Baltic Sea, Northern Europe & Great Britian, Mediterranean , Canada and Hawaii. Check my MAP for specific locations.
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    Bowling and wood working.
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    Titanic, Hunt for Red October, Gran Torino.
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    Just about everything. Especially on a cruise ship.
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  1. We sailed on back-to-back cruises on the Costa Romantica in the late 1990's and did not like the cruise line then. It was trying to break into the Ameircan market. We told ourselves never to sail with them again. We have sailed 29 times. Now I see we made the right decision. In this day and age we thought the only things to think about when cruising is 1. A rogue wave 2. terrorism. It's looking real bad for COSTA and CARNIVAL CORP.
  2. Happy Birthday bowlcoach!

  3. Happy Birthday bowlcoach!

  4. bowlcoach

    Cruising - the lighter side

    Cruising can be relaxing, educational, informative, romantic and so much more. How about fun and ridiculous? Here's a few photos showing some of the fun we've had.
  5. October 3-16, 2009 cruise roundtrip from Bayonne, New Jersey
  6. bowlcoach

    Cruising the world

    Destinations around the world as seen through our eyes. Thirty years of sailing the seas and oceans.
  7. bowlcoach

    Norwegian Sun - South America

    2009 cruise aboard NCL's Norwegian Sun from Santiago, Chile to Los Angeles.
  8. bowlcoach

    HAL Zuiderdam - Transatlantic

    2008 Transatlantic cruise, Ft. Lauderdale to Rome, on Holland America's Zuiderdam.
  9. bowlcoach

    Norwegian Spirit - Caribbean

    2007 repositioning cruise aboard NCL's Norwegian Spirit.
  10. bowlcoach

    Sunsets at Sea

    Sunsets and sunrise photos taken while cruising around the world.
  11. bowlcoach

    Oceania Regatta - Caribbean

    2007 cruise on the Regatta in the Caribbean. A 684 passenger vessel.
  12. Thank you. We are now posted and up to date again. Even had the opportunity to now post our river cruise with Viking River Cruises. This site is looking better and better.
  13. Not sure how to post our sailings to this new database. Our sailings were on the old site, but missing on the Who's Cruising list. Anyway, it's November 6th on the Celebrity Summitt and a back-to-back on November 13th on the Summitt.
  14. Great review and photos. Looks like you all had a great time.
  15. Mike, I won't be back until the eighth, and I may be too tired to crank up the computer. In any event, I don't want to miss wishing you a happy birthday!

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