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  1. don't be silly! the only way I could manage to keep up with everybody who sends me well wishes and kind words...etc...etc...would be for me to get my own personal assistant! LOL and I think I am already somebody else's! double LOL! Just keep the faith, girlfriend! [/size]Good Morning Everyone. Had a great evening finishing a XS Baby sampler. Today I will frame it and it will be ready to go the happy family. Have decided it is time to finish needlework projects before starting any new ones. If any of you are needlework junkies like me, you know how hard it is not to start things before finishing others. See you later. NM
  2. How do I get to Daily Dock? ouldn't find a link. Thanks for the link. Have added it to my favorites so I can get there.
  3. How do I get to Daily Dock? ouldn't find a link.
  4. Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome. Will look forward to being part of this community. Norma
  5. Hi Joey & David, Thanks for the welcome
  6. Hi Rose & Howie, How nice to have so many people say "Hello". I too an a native NYer but that was a long time ago. Followed my DH to Central Illinois and have stayed. Have 3 grown sons and 4 grandchildren. I introcuced them all to cruising and they are as addicted as I am. I retired from Nursing about 5 years ago and love having time to visit family & enjoy hobbies. I am an avid stitcher...knitting, cross stitch, needlepoint and sewing. Hope to get lots of info from everyone & share my experiences as well.
  7. Saw the ad in Cruise Travel Mag. re: Cruise Crazies. Started cruising in 1988 and have managed at least one cruise every year since. Next one is in January to Caribbean out of Dominican Republic. Favorite line is Royal Caribbean but Carnival is a close second. Looking forward to being on Oasis OT Seas in 2010. Norma
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