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  1. Where is the roll call and boards??? I have not been on this site in months.

  2. looks like you've been here awhile. glad you're part of this crazy site. i have found many great people and lots to do. hope you are enjoying yourself. take care...

  3. I am with you in spirit, have a wonderful time. Sorry we could not go.....Lauren
  4. Well since there is nothing available that sort of takes care of that.
  5. Someone already got Jackie's cabin. Told John G. as soon as he can find an aft cabin for us we will book.
  6. Joey, I can tell so much by the way people write and I know YOU are one heck of a nice man.
  7. Jackie and Tony, I am so sorry you had to cancel your trip, you sound like very nice folks and John and I were looking forward to meeting you. Yes, I would very much like to have your cabin, I think it is #7203????? I wrote everyones # down on my deck plan but can't read my writing. Will get a note off to John G. before he lets it go...Again I'm sorry about your cruise, but please have fun on the Mex Riv....Lauren
  8. In the note I got from John G, he said he is on a cruise with a fellow for whom he was best man 25 years ago and has not seen since. They went to the Mexican Riviera but he did not mention the ship name.
  9. Thankyou ML, we are interested in St Lucia tour, sounds nice. Can you tell me the name of the hotel??? I am trying to use map quest and I have the wrong name or address, not even the phone # is right. Drive or go Southwest to Fll and get a transfer. Have to figure that out.
  10. We are interested in the shuttle and ports of interest are St lucia and Curacao.
  11. Just be glad you live in beautiful, wonderful Georgia, I sure wish I could go back to Kennesaw. I live in Hattiesburg, Ms. I can say a lot of things about this place and not one can be printed. Yes, we also had a bit of snow, and rain, plants froze, but this weekend back to 70's
  12. John is on a cruise, I sent an email with all my info so will see what he says. I have so much to catch up on.
  13. Lauren if you are truly interested call john... our prices are still firm and there is OBC of 100 dollars a cabin as well Do you mean the old price of 2061.00 for a CC? I really want to go, hope the food is better than on Solstice. We could not get into the closet because there was a massive cream sofa in front of the closet door. At least with the Connie I know I can get into the closet.
  14. Hi all, I suppose you wonder what happened to us. We went on the X Solstice Inaugural and were so disappointed with the food which really stunk, the room, etc. that we cancelled our Connie cruise on Jan 1. We are just now getting over the whole thing, our friends who were with us will never get over it and are going on Carnival which they hate but is to them better than X. Anyway, yesterday John said "That cruise with the Crazies sounded like fun" Well it is to late to rebook it as the price is out of sight. Anyway We hope all of you have a wonderful time, will be thinking of you. Lauren and John
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