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  1. The purpose of this site is to help people who are interested in cruising. Why would mentioning another forum matter? I maintain a web page for people going on a specific cruise. It was set up for another forum and gave members an opportunity to create on board activities. Cruise Crazies does not have topics for a specific cruise. I tried to refer to the other forum in my profile, not a forum posting, and it was x'ed out.
  2. The 12/5/12 Golden Princess cruise to Hawaii has my own personal web page. I keep track of members from x that will be attending our events. Join x in addition to Cruise Crazies to take part. http://hawaii.dmmarks.com

  3. With the Golden Princess beginning its LA-Hawaii cruises on Oct 1, I hope there will be some postings on the daily calendar, menus, and general cruise comments soon.
  4. At the front of the ship the promenade deck goes up one level as it circles the bow of the ship. My room looks out at the wooden promenade deck. I wanted to know how clear the view of the land and sea is.
  5. I am in room E101 on the Golden Princess. It overlooks the Promenade Deck upper level. Has anyone had any of the E101-120 outside rooms and how is the view from the window? Is my room forward of what looks like a overhanging balcony?
  6. When I take my cruise in January there will be a 2 hour time difference between LA and Hawaii. There are 4 days at sea with arrival on the 5th day. Do cruise lines set the clock back 1 hour twice or do they keep things simple by just setting it back 2 hours once?
  7. I reserved at the Vagabond Inn. The $119 price comes to $135.66 with tax. I got a second room for $71.77 including tax (AAA and senior rate). There is also a $50 charge for a second week of parking.
  8. Is formal night the same for cruisers dining in the "Anytime Dining" dining rooms as traditional dining?
  9. This is a question that came up when discussing cruising with friends. None applies to us. Almost all cruise ships operating from and to the US are foreign flagged and are therefore required to stop in a foreign country. There are even ships around the Hawaiian Islands that stop at some remote island in the middle of the night to meet this requirement. When you purchase items duty free on the ship I assume this is possible only because the ship stops in a foreign country. Is this always true? A Hawaiian cruise that stops in Mexico or Canada and allows passengers on or off is obviously taking passengers to a foreign country. What about the Hawaiian ships that stop in a remote island in the middle of the night and do not allow passengers off? Can they sell duty free items on the ship? Would you go through customs in Hawaii? What if you were on an American flagged ship that only went between the US mainland and Hawaii (there are probably none)? When you are outside the territorial waters of the US could you buy duty free items and would you go through customs when returning.
  10. I have gone on a few of cruises from LA and stayed at the Sunrise Hotel in San Pedro. They used to charge about $100-$110 a night and included free cruise parking. They are no longer part of Best Western and want an additional $100 for 2 weeks parking. That is still a lower price than parking at the port. Does anyone have any other hotel recommendations? We need a single and a double and are bringing one car. I would like to stay in the $100-$110 basic price range per room plus an additional parking charge if necessary. The Sunrise Hotel seems to be the best even at $100 more for parking when you look at the total cost. ($320).
  11. What can I expect in the way of amenities on the Golden Princess to Hawaii? Do they welcome you with free champagne? What about a lei in Hawaii? What should I expect to find in the room (shampoo, etc). I am supposed to receive a free tote bag according to the auto club. Is that in the room? I am supposed to receive a shipboard credit. I notice my Captains Circle page at the Princess site does not show it. Is the credit shown there completely separate from the credit the the auto club is supposed to give?
  12. I am Dennis from Chico, CA. I will be going on my seventh cruse in January. It will be on the Golden Princess to Hawaii.
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