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    Friends,<br>Cruising<br>Travel <br>Our rescue pooch, 'Erin',<br> DisneyWorld <br>Ancient Sites<br>Las Vegas
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    International cuisine, but hold the tabasco!
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  1. Happy Birthday erinsma!

  2. Hi Crazied Thank you for the birthday greetings, all. we are in the final stages of packing and preparing for our med cruise, and will begin the long trek to Istanbul early on Thursday. Good pals are here from Washngton state, and will stay with our Erin and the house, so we're busy getting them familiarized with the area and the routines. We've set up skype, and will check in with you guys too, when we can. I haven't had a chance yet to follow the dock for a couple of days, so will do that soon. Have a nice day, everyone Oh,btw, is anyone using the live chat feature? see you soon sharon[/size]
  3. happy, happy birthday!!! may your day be extra special...

  4. Happy Birthday, Sharon!! Hope you have a great day!

  5. Good Evening Crazies Nice to read about all of your activities the last few days. Ed the little mvoie of the kitty is darling. you post the neatest things! Jenny how are the new babies doing now? pcitures were great! Ray..........I took a guess, but lousy at that........ What IS the most requested song at a piano bar? James and Donna....... Moving has to be one of lifes most stressful activities,, and to have pals come and help you unload is fabulous.......Cherish them.......you have GREAT friends! We live at the beach, and the fog is really rolling in thick tonight. It does that when it's hot inland,but we thought summer was about over. Here we are having "June gloom" in SEPTEMBER! Such weied weather this year. Shaunnna ... take a deep breath, and try to relax It sounds like your problem room mate is all but gone You're right, life is way too spend time around anyone who causes stress and anxiety. Falina hope all has come together for you . Happy Weekend to all SHARON[/color]
  6. OMG! The word actually showed up in RED after I sent it! Wheeeeeeeee Thank you thank you
  7. Gooooood ]Morning, Crazies! A little while ago, I had a nice big post all typed up, sent it, and was INSTANTLY disconnected, so if this shows up twice.......sorry! If it shows up at all..................................., yaaaaay Debbie thank you for the darling pix of your kitties...love the little black one. I know howdifficult it is to photograph black pooches and kitties....there is hardly any contrast, and sometimes about all you can see is the flash in the eyes! Also, thanks for trying to help me with my fonts...I did what you said, and highlighted the word 'gooooood' TWICE, and just look where that got me.! Thanks for any help anyone can give me. Jason told me he thinks someone made a turorial on the process at one time, but he couldn't find it, and I don't know HOW to find it. Any suggestions anyone? It's so frustrating to have no clue what I'm doing, but I will try anything . Speaking of which, .............Shaunna your adventures sound interesting, and the cure for the back pain even MORe interesting. If that works, can I go with you when you visit the 'folks' next time? LOL Jackie what a great trip you have planned. How many family members live in S Africa? Have you previously gone on a Safari? Ok here goes, I'll give it another shot. Oh, BTW, can someone tell me what that little buttom means (lower left just below this window) "Toggle side panel" nothing happens when I click on it. what is is SUPPOSED to do? bye for now SHARON
  8. Hi Crazies Still don't know what good it does to click on the font enhancement buttons above. Whenever I do, it just shows up like this [b]of text [/b] , but when I send the post, it doesn't seem to have any affect whatsoever on the text. How do I make it WORK like it does on other types of documents?? Anyway, I do enjoy watching all of your daily activities. How exciting Jckie, that you'lll be going to Africa next year I have a friend who has gone on several African sarari's recently She LOVES Africa. What cruise are you going on, and how long is it? We fly to Istanbul in 15 days, and after a 7 day crusie thru the parts of Turkey and Greece, we're going on a 3 day post cruise trip to Cairo and Luxor Egypt. Neither of us has ever been to any of the ports of call, (with the exception of Istanbul and Athens), and I can't remember when I haven't wanted to see the pyramids. So we are getting pretty excited about that. Any pictures of th new kittens yet, or did I miss that? Good Evening Sharon
  9. [/size] Good Morning Crazies Gee. what great images ! Thank all of you. I'm saving them al for the day when I find out how to use them! In the meantime, we're watching Fox and all the names of the 9-11 victims are streaming across the bottom of the page, and our street is beginning to fill up with flags. God Bless you al and God Bless America Sharon
  10. Hi and good Evening everyone. We hope every single household in the country displays any size ofOld Glory tomorrow. Betcha , you all remember where you were you were and what your were doing on that fateful day. Wish I had your posting skills, Deb, so I could put a waving flag on here..(or even a still one, for that matter!) Would someone do that for me? God Bless America, and all our service men and women' here and abroad. Sharon
  11. Good Evening Crazies Deb...God bless you for giving those little babies a loving home………I’m. really looking forward to seeing some pictures of them. Thank you Jen for all the great pictures you guys are always posting. I copy them lots of times….wish I knew how to do that! One of these days I’ll learn how to put a photo on here. Happy anniversary! Hope you all have had a great day, and tomorrow will be even better. SHARON
  12. Good morning crazies from so CA...but not too near those awful fires. Hearing about some of you packing has me inspired to start that too....only about three weeks for us, and we are off to Istanbul. I wish I knew how to add a picture here, but nothing ever works for me[/size] I especially love the ones that are animated~ Maybe i can run into one of you on a cruise somewhere,and you can show me how to do it! Now lets see if this goes thru (usually doesn't) Have a nice day, everyone SHARON
  13. :biggrin:Well, what came to mind was....So Happy It's Thursday................however the acronym may cause trouble........
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