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  1. Yes - have a great cruise. I have never sailed on Windstar but I hear it is spectacular! Please come back here and tell us all about it!
  2. I do love a good Casino - so love this article. Unfortunately we are not "high rollers", so don't often get casino perks, but we just enjoy spending an hour of an evening or two amid the excitement of a buzzing casino!
  3. Tony - are you referring to like the drink packages or dining packages. I've noticed since the restart that they are not always available this far in advance - so that may be the case here. Keep checking back. Are you working with a travel agent at all or did you book on your own? If you booked on your own you can always call Royal, and will be able to tell you when the various packages, shore excursions, etc. will open. A travel agent could also do that for you.
  4. Welcome, Tony! How exciting to be going on your first cruise. The Navigator is a great ship - lots of fun venues along the promenade. Is this the 3-night itinerary to Ensenada? That is a great way to test the cruising waters. My bet is that you will want to go back for more! We have been on about 35 cruises now because we absolutely love everything about it: the ships, the ocean, the ports, the food, the entertainment. Be sure to post any questions you might have - we are always happy to help! And hopefully you will find other CruiseCrazies who are going on that same cruise.
  5. Agree with all of that PLUS - I can't imagine what that Plevo suitcase costs. And....I would have to learn Morse Code now?! 😅
  6. I completely agree! 🤣😂
  7. We are very interested in this one as well! And yes - if it is from Venice and not Vienna 😅
  8. I am disappointed to hear this because I think a temporary vaccination requirement will be key to safely and successfully starting up again. I personally would not cruise yet on a ship that does not require vaccinations, so I do hope that Celebrity does not follow suit - we have a cruise scheduled for October. They do not draw as many kids so it is possible they will not need to take that risk.
  9. We have four on the books: A transatlantic on the Celebrity apex that I am not above begging to see it go this October. We booked this one way before the pandemic. Next up is a South America/Antarctica cruise on the Diamond Princess (yes....that Diamond Princess,) in January 2022. We booked that after two Princess cruises got cancelled and the FCC built up, lol! Then the Viking Greece/Adriatic in May with Cruise Crazies friends, followed by Alaska with our Grandson on the Eurodam in June - one that has been cancelled and rescheduled twice now. I have plans for more, but waiting to see what the Apex does....if that cruise really sails or not...
  10. And that was our last cruise as well! I also regret not having booked more, but I sure am grateful that the last cruise was with such great cruise friends! I don't think I will be as hesitant to book more cruises as I used to be - life is too short....and too uncertain now!
  11. Quite possibly since I don't think their Governor is going to nix vaccines. My sister, who lives in Houston, told me that there is a hospital system there that is requiring vaccines for all of their employees by a certain date or they will be terminated.
  12. Unless they are allowing a small percentage for medical contraindications to being vaccinated, but I would think that would only affect about 1% of either population so yes, I think they should both at least be 99% of crew and guests!
  13. I loved sailing out of Galveston - and hoping that RCI will put a ship back there again soon as well!
  14. I know that I, at least at the outset, will not cruise unless a vaccine is required, so I would not sail out of a Florida port if they are allowed to bypass that. We need to give the cruises the best possible chance of getting started again without a Covid crisis, otherwise they will end up shut down for who knows how long!
  15. Uh oh - so.....what do you think we should do?!
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