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  1. Welcome, Floridajourney! Looks like you are cruising in November - where are you headed....and on what line and ship? We love to share our cruise news - you never know when someone has great advice or will have questions for you when you return.
  2. Happy Weekend, Crazies! The warmer weather has returned and I am lovin' it, although it did come with some rough weather on Thursday: my phone made this awful sound and lo and behold it was a tornado warning...then our tv screen went total red and a visual and verbal warning came across it; then the sirens started going off outside....it wasn't looking stormy, so we tuned to ABC News and there it was on their radar, heading our way. So we started throwing stuff out of the closet down here so that we could at least stand in it (we have a raised ranch, so not a full basement) and just as we got it cleared out enough....they called it all off. 😂I am very glad they did, but it was kind of humorous - us running around like chickens and poof! It was like a pin popping a balloon...all of a sudden the twister just lost it's mojo and petered out. We did end up with over 2 inches of rain, however, and now the parks by the river are flooded. Jan - Our 2020 cruise definitely is not for someone who loves port days...but I'm still hopeful Norm and Dana will come with. Six sea days to me means I can bring twice as many books to read, lol! So glad your BBQ was a success. Falina - I probably should know this, but where are you going on your November 2020 cruise? The planning is so much fun! Kevin - We did go out to see the moon last night. It seemed small, but very bright. I bet at 9700 feet it was bee-yoo-tiful. I am a moonwatcher....I do love seeing it up there in the dark sky... Nothing officially planned this weekend but lots to do to get ready for our big luncheons next week. I have to admit I will be kind of glad when September is over...my calendar is not quite as full for October....yet.... Hope everyone is doing something fun!
  3. 👩‍🚀 Think this will work....or this one? ⛑️ It already has the first aid sign on it. 🤕😅
  4. Happy September, Crazies! And I AM running like crazy lately. I have three big events coming up: two luncheons next week that I am the Registrar for....one we expect about 350 and the other is much smaller with just about 50, but lots to do for both of those. THEN we have our Mutual Ground Walk for Hope. We moved it up to end of September this year and I am feeling the time crunch! We also just closed on a merger of our organization, Mutual Ground, and another agency in the community, Breaking Free. We are the acquiring agency, at their request, so our "family" will be much bigger and busier now. During the transition I will be on both agency boards...whew....I think I need a cruise! Thanks for all the good thoughts; the MRI went well, ruling out any tumors or other nasty things. So his opinion that it is a virus is probably right, and we'll just wait to see if the hearing comes back...it can take up to a year, so I will get my "patience" on and just deal with it. Now that THAT is settled, I need to investigate this "hip thing". I think I see another MRI in my future, ha! Jan - I sure do hope that Norm commits with a deposit - that would be great to have them on our 2020 group cruise! Hope that Dorian did not ruin your BBQ! We were sad to see it do so much damage up in Halifax and PEI. Miranda - Glad getting back to work went fine! Kevin - So you are just beginning - it will be a fun year for you! We had a great weekend - attended the Sandwich County Fair with our Little Guy and family. It was drizzly and cool, but that made it much less crowded...short lines for all that yummy fair food, lol. And then joined our other daughter and SIL at Buffalo Wild Wing to watch the Sunday Night games. My fantasy football team is off to a rousing start - losing the first week by ONLY 60 points. 😖 Take care, everyone!
  5. Jan - I am all in on this cruise, as you know, ha ha! But what will the weather be like in New York and for the first day or two down the coast in early November? So I've decided you are not JUST a fabulous travel agent, but a weather forecaster as well, lol!
  6. So then I assume our Sky Princess cruise will take us out of Brooklyn? My thought exactly about the TV - they couldn't put it on the wall facing the bed? And I didn't bump my shoulder, I smacked into with my face! Come to think of it, my face took quite a beating on this cruise, lol! 🤕
  7. Good Tuesday Evening, Crazies! Thanks for the good wishes you guys. They called and scheduled my MRI for tomorrow morning so hopefully we can rule out some things and figure out what's next. I have had MRIs before but not on the auditory canal. They said I can't eat solid food for 5 hours prior.....I can't imagine what that has to do with it, but I will obey the orders......😧 Jan - What time did you get off that there was no wait for taxis? That was just a nightmare. But you are right - it did not help that it was Monday morning. Glad that you didn't miss your bus, though Kevin - We probably should have gone with Uber - have never done Lyft but could have tried it - but that area seemed just as crowded and chaotic. And then they have really weird pickup and dropoff rules in NYC so who knows how far we would have needed to walk. Like our driver was saying that his cab could not pick up at LaGuardia, but could drop off and some ride shares had to stop before the terminals so as to exit without entering the terminals, or something like that. Actually the construction was so bad around the airport that we had to be dropped off at the arrivals area and make our way to departures - ramps and exits were closed and portions blocked off. We will know better next time...I guess, ha?! So has your foreign exchange student just arrived or just departed? I have a friend who had one all of last year - from Taiwan. It was quite the experience, especially because they have no children of their own! Miranda - Good luck going back to work - that was always hard for me. And although I am officially retired, sometimes I feel like I am going back to work, what with all the clubs and agencies I help with; although that is totally of my own doing so cannot complain. I have a short getaway at the end of October, too - heading to Seneca Falls, NY and Hyde Park....Boston, etc. on a trip with my AAUW ladies. It is to celebrate 100-year anniversary of suffrage...a year early, lol, to avoid the crowds. I am looking forward to that and to Costa Rica right after Thanksgiving. And yes, you need to get a holiday cruise booked so we can all anticipate with you! Glad to hear that Jackie got out okay and thinking about all the ones who will be affected by Dorian. It is so sad what she did to the Bahamas, those poor people. Stay safe, everyone.
  8. Jan....is there a break on the pricing for this sailing from your consortium? This is very tempting....
  9. "10-Day on the Caribbean Princess" View full cruise review
  10. HELLOOOOO Crazies! I'm sorry that I have been missing in action since our return from that delightful cruise! I had an incident at the very end of the cruise....more below....and then it just seemed incredibly hard to catch up with all of my clubs and meetings, etc., plus a few doctor appts. related to another recent incident. But I'm back and intend to stay back, ha! So Jan - I noted in your review that you regard disembarkation in NYC as disorganized...to say the least, right? As you say, we had to wait and wait and wait due to luggage not being ready. And as I was already "miffed" because they did not offer luggage check-through to the airports, that we have taken advantage of on other cruises, I was all the more miserable because of the unending taxi line...with no taxis showing up! (Well....very few...and not often!) So we had been in line almost an hour...moving up as taxis came...schlepping our luggage along the line when...bam.....I did a face plant right on the concrete. 😖 When I was trying to move two big suitcases forward, one of them caught on a crack in the cement and it stopped dead....and I kept going. I hit my face so hard I thought I knocked my teeth out - but luckily - they are all still in place, ha! But I did manage to cut my lip and scrape my cheek, nose, forehead, shoulder and knees. Since I was not about to give up my place in line...and now worried about missing our flight...I just stood there and bled all over. But luckily there were some nice people who handed me kleenexes. Finally we got a cab but it was another hour to the airport. So over two hours had passed until I could put something cold on my face, resulting in a very fat lip. I spent the next several days putting ice on various body parts and trying to not look like I had been beat up. All in all I was very very lucky: no broken bones; probably just a slight concussion; my knees are still working, albeit sore. I must say I do heal very quickly because my face is almost back to normal now, although the bruises on the rest of me are interesting shades of blue/green/purple... And then...... possibly related to the fall, but not necessarily, it seems I have developed what Jackie has: sudden sensorineural hearing loss in the left ear - the same side of the face I fell on. The doctor said it could be the fall or more likely it could be a virus, which is also what they told you, Jackie, right? So I have been for the auditory tests and now must call tomorrow to schedule an MRI...... Mine is not total hearing loss, but tones in the upper registers. But the feeling of your ear being plugged up is most annoying, lol! The MRI is mostly to rule other things out....so we'll hope that that comes back normal. At any rate - I miss you guys already!! I saw your next cruise, Miranda - congratulations! And I hope Kase - is that how you spell it - enjoyed his few days in New York. I am now not a fan of disembarking there, but in time I'm sure the bad feelings will subside, lol! Ray - you are still missing in action? COME ON, MAN! Jackie - The posts say that you made it out before Dorian - I hope your home and all stays safe! And hoping to hear from you soon as well! We went to the zoo with Lucas yesterday and am enjoying the holiday before getting back to "work"! I am the registrar for two events coming up at the end of the month, doing pickup two days a week for Lucas, and everything just starts up all over again.....Goodbye Summer!
  11. Would love to have more Cruise Crazies on this 10-Day Baja Mexico Cruise out of L.A.!
  12. I agree, Jan - would be fun as a CruiseCrazies group activity! 😀
  13. Happy August, Crazies! We had a nice time at Ravinia on Thursday night: the CSO playing Beethoven's 5th and Brahm's 1st. Lovely evening with fabulous music! Today is our 45th wedding anniversary - my how time flies, lol! We are spending the day as usual, but do have a nice dinner planned at Cooper's Hawk Winery. We had a brief respite from the heat/humidity but it is building back up again. But just a few days of it for us, since we will board our flight to Quebec City on Wednesday. And it looks like the weather there will be none to warm but plenty of rain! Jan - YES - I will text/call you when we arrive if we don't see you at the bar. Our flight gets in at 4:30 and we will also probably taxi to the hotel.....so probably by 5:30 or so I'm thinking? And I am doing exactly what you are doing at the moment...getting my documents in order and trying to figure out the clothes. Since the weather looks rather iffy - I guess I will pack everything I own! Long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, jackets, pants, shorts.......aaagh! Miranda - Glad your heatwave broke. I don't think we'll have to worry about that on our cruise, from what I am seeing....... Can't wait to see you on the 9th - safe travels! Falina - So nice to hear from you - please don't be a stranger! Ray....Jackie.....please just check in to let us know you are all okay?! Have a great weekend, Crazies
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