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  1. WOW! Well...I have started this post over several times because I just don't know how to word it well, I guess. I definitely am NOT the demographic they are trying to appeal to and that's okay because right off the bat I cannot see myself in that cabin. I really did not like the layout or look of it, even though I am also an IKEA fan. There are just too many little things either missing or oddly placed to make me comfortable. The pool (is it really a pool?) is ridiculous. I would be interested to see how many deck chairs they put out as that is where you will find me always on sea days. The public rooms look beautiful and the show they trailered looked great. The prices are definitely NOT great. Good luck, Virgin - it will be interesting to watch how this goes!
  2. Congratulations on that booking - what a great way to celebrate the start of retirement! And yes, at 74 you are certainly more than entitled to retire with no regrets!
  3. It's a long way off but we are so excited to try our first transatlantic on this 14-day itinerary. And the Celebrity Apex is the perfect ship for all those sea days... Would love to hear if anyone else is going AND would love for ALL of you to join us!
  4. Good to hear from you Keith, but so sorry about your bronchitis and that your step-father is struggling. Congrats on the upcoming retirement - less than a year - whoo hoo!
  5. I have always been nervous about MSC, but I know they are really putting a lot of effort and money into courting U.S. cruisers, so will be anxious to hear how it goes!
  6. How many can we fit in that suite, Jan - we're in! 😂🤣
  7. Not going on this one, but would love to hear your experience once you have returned. Please come back and tell us about it!!
  8. Hi Dream, We are not going on this one (I wish I was,) but have sailed to Hawaii three times: twice on the Radiance of the Seas down from Vancouver, and once roundtrip LA on the Golden Princess. We love Hawaii but the long flights not so much, so glad there are options for sailing one or both ways. Enjoy!!
  9. So that's interesting, Jan - you always take your passport, and we always leave ours in the safe... there is so much conflicting advice on this topic! Do you stash it away on a hidden pouch or anything else to protect it on shore?
  10. I LOVE this! Now for sure I have to get back on the Edge!
  11. Happy Hump Day, Crazies! So we are firmly entrenched in the cold weather with snow predicted again for tonight and again over the weekend... I just feel like this is starting so early....and will last so long....ugh! But I also will not move anywhere south - not as long as the Grandson is here 💝 Ray - So glad that Yuki is doing so well and things are getting back to normal! We are sticking with you on the 2021 Viking cruise. It IS a good itinerary and I DO want to see what all the "buzz" is about Viking Ocean Cruises, since you say they are the best, ha! Jackie - Congrats on booking that last-minute cruise! We love cruising in November but since we have the Costa Rica trip first week of December I just couldn't sneak one in this year. Miranda - The musical sounds like a lot of fun - so glad you enjoyed it! Jan - I saw your iron-pumping video on FB - you go girl! A good trainer can make a big difference...but a not so experienced one?...Well....I started PT on my hip yesterday, lol! I'm hoping I can get a normal gait back and maybe gain some strength! At the same time I got my shots in my knees on Monday, and am hoping not to screw those up while I work on the hip!! Jim - So sorry that you are having concerns about your parents. I have been through that as well and it is, as Jan says, worrisome and stressful. It is good that you and your sister are talking about how to handle it...and probably also how to best care for them when they return in the Spring. Proactive is definitely the way to go because things can deteriorate very rapidly sometimes. Shari - so hoping you don't experience another grand mal seizure either - how scary. We are trying to decide what kind of tree to plant in place of our magnolia now - something not too big and not too messy, maybe, lol. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!
  12. Happy November, Crazies! It is coming in very cold and snowy here. We had two days of very heavy, wet snow which ruined Halloween and split two of our trees. We usually have about 200 trick-or-treaters and this year we maybe got 25 because it was so snowy and blowy and cold! So now we have two big bowls of candy left, lol! But sadly, we did have two of our trees taken down yesterday. Our beautiful magnolia split in half and landed on the garage roof, and our smaller maple, which was barely hanging on, lost it's last big limb. The girls were particularly sad about the magnolia because they used to climb into it to talk and share secrets. Not to mention the unexpected expense - it isn't cheap to have trees cut down! Needless to say I am already sick of winter, ha! Jan - I am definitely still planning on meeting up when you are in Chicago - that will be fun! And Happy Birthday to your girls! Shari - Hope church went well. I am glad physical therapy worked well for you and helped you walk; I am hoping it will help me, too. Miranda - Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend! Ray - Congrats to the Nationals...what a crazy series! Did anybody win at home? It seemed like both teams mainly won on the road. Hope you and Yuki are doing okay! Well - Ed just told me he is hungry for a steak, so I guess we are going out to eat, lol! Have a great weekend everyone.
  13. Ha ha - thanks! And thanks for the sympathy for my hip....I've got my fingers crossed for the physical therapy....
  14. Happy Sunday, Crazies! I returned from my Women's History Tour last evening in the pouring rain and 40 degree temps....brrrr! We had a fabulous week traveling from Buffalo, across New York to Boston - jampacked with sightseeing! I think my favorites were Seneca Falls (of course,) Val-Kill, Louis May Alcott's Orchard House, Walden Pond, the Women's Memorial, the Holocaust Memorial....oh so many places!! We ate at great restaurants with a great group of 23 women. I must say, though, that my OTHER hip (after compensating for my "bad" one) is absolutely killing me! I am truly just limping along today. I am hoping that with a couple of days rest it will calm down. I start physical therapy on the "bad" hip in a week, and also get my regular cortisone shots in my knees next week, so hoping I can be ready for Costa Rica after Thanksgiving. Good to hear from you Jackie - I was beginning to think you had decided to stay in Africa - it is hard to keep track of when six weeks goes by, lol! So glad you had a wonderful time but also sorry to hear about your Dad and your Daughter. I will keep them and you in my thoughts! Also glad to hear you have your next cruise booked - something to look forward to after the busy tax season! Shari - The Vikings ended up beating the Lions and my fantasy team took a real shellacking, lol! I am hoping for better results this week. Definitely take it slow...headaches make you feel miserable. Falina - Good luck with the next 5th-wheel venture! I enjoy land travel, but we take the easy way out....restaraunts and hotels, lol. We also would consider organized tours to the parks, etc. This one that I just finished was great, although it was a very very fast pace, whew! Jan - While traipsing around Boston it dawned on me I should have told you I would be in Boston for 3 days, duh! But I saw a lot of things that I want to drag Ed back to, so maybe in the future we can come back and meet up! Ray - You need to check in and let us know how everything is going.....please? Miranda - So glad you had a nice time with Miranda and friends. We do all need to keep searching for that next cruise together....let's all throw ideas out and hopefully one will "stick"! Have a great day and week ahead, Crazies!
  15. Good Saturday Afternoon, Crazies! I'm afraid the week got away from me again...and tomorrow I leave for our Women's History tour...23 women will be storming into Buffalo, lol! Jan and Miranda - I think we need some guidance from you, Miranda, as to what you feel is plausible for you...like Jan said...there are 7-day Caribbean cruises and 7-day Europe and everything in between. Jan - I would not want to replace our Sky Princess cruise; that was a spur of the moment add-on to our already busy 2020 travel, and we would not be able to replace it with anything pricier. But I could consider something for Fall 2021... Miranda - Hope the weather holds for your visit. We were watching a cycling race in the UK and the weather was god-awful! Ray - Hope you have enjoyed those few days of "down-time" for your Nationals...the drama will begin soon enough for the World Series, right? If Houston becomes your opponent I will have to hide from my sister - she lives there and is die-hard Astros...and I could never tell her I will be rooting for Washington! Shari - Hope you are having a good weekend...should be an interesting game on Sunday: Vikings/Lions...I don't mind of the Vikings win, but I need Matt Stafford to do very well for my fantasy team, lol. Well - I will be back in a week unless I can check in during this trip; the tour guide is keeping us pretty busy...up by 5:45 through dinner at 7 and a million sites to see in between! Enjoy the weekend!
  16. Ray - I am so very sorry to read your post today - so many friends are going through this same thing and it just sucks. But having spent a little bit of time with you guys, I know that you are right - you will come out of this closer and stronger - and Yuki's scheduling will be right back up to normal! You are going to have to keep us posted regularly, though, so no more long absences, please? Or you will drive us absolutely crazy with worry about you two! 😱 Please please please - tell your Nats to beat the Cards - swiftly and decisively! And I believe you are right....Medicare, Social Security...all those "handouts" that we paid into out of our hard-earned wages for so many years...are definitely under siege. A serious accident or illness drives home how important those programs are. There is a mindset........... The weather has taken a turn here, although after watching the snow in the plains and the storm out east, I can't really complain too much....I'll just whine a little bit about the plunging temps, the freeze warning for tonight, and the rain/wind! Our new Broadway series starts tonight with Newsies - looking forward to that. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Ray: 🙏
  17. Shari - I understand and am very glad to hear that Medicare continues to help and that waiting for the new benefit year has not caused any setbacks. I have no complaints since going on Medicare, but then again, I have not had to face anything as serious as you have. And yay for Marc!! 😊
  18. Good Tuesday Afternoon, Crazies! Today will be a "rest" day since we have our annual eye check-ups and there isn't much I feel like doing once my eyes get all dilated, lol. In fact, this is the one day of the year that I am guaranteed to take a nap, ha! Shari - Yeah - we are not very good at noticing the month has changed...we need you to help keep us on track! That is one area where Medicare needs to do better...they don't provide near enough therapy time. I think if you are making measurable progress they should approve extensions. Hopefully there are some things you can continue to do on your own, maybe with help from Marc? Jan - Once you get your coverage figured out Medicare works pretty well. It's just the constant barrage of materials and callers trying to get you to switch plans. I actually have more freedom under Medicare than I did under our employee coverage because I can go anywhere that accepts Medicare - I don't have to stay within a particular system or group. And no referrals needed for specialists. Ray - You were right...Gruden is history. Not a very nice way to do it, though....call him in at 5:00 in the morning?! It looks like your Nationals are holding their own against LA - that's a tough team to beat. Good luck tomorrow! I see the Discovery Princess opened for booking today!! I booked the Celebrity Edge the minute bookings opened and a month later prices skyrocketed! If we are looking at a group cruise, we may want to jump fast! Have a great day everyone!
  19. Guess we better put quotes around FREE? 😅
  20. Shari - We were at the Bears/Vikings game and we had a lot of Vikings fans around us. It was a good game!
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