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  1. OK - here would be my possibles out of those options (in order of works best to least): 1. Eastern Caribbean on the Edge in January or February - love the 3 sea days on this one because the ship is so fabulous! 2. Ireland/Iceland on the Reflection on July 6 3. Enchanted Princess - in July or August 4. The 10/11-day Italy/Greece Edge one would be hard for me to manage money-wise in 2020, and if Ray is still planning on Greece in 2021 on Viking this one doesn't make sense for me..
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    I have not heard anything, nor have I seen anything posted by her family on FB....Ray might be our best bet....?
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    Jan - both of those dates would work for us.....maybe pick the one with the least amount of kiddos, lol?! Not sure if Miranda will come over for just a week, though....
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    That sounds great, Jan! Yes - we had a nice little chat! 😄
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    Happy Sunday, CruiseCrazies! Hope Miranda is having a great cruise! We are looking forward to the Adventure of the Seas on Saturday with our younger daughter and her guy. Stops include San Juan, PR and St. Maarten and we are anxious to see how they are recovering from the hurricanes. We will do our part and spend some money, I'm sure, lol! Jan - we did get our heat fixed - they came on Wednesday with the flame sensor and all is well, at least for the time being. I have heard of more and more furnaces conking out because the winter was so hard. You and Dave are truly dedicated to your gym routine - I commend you both! And can't wait to hear possible dates on an Edge cruise from Dave and Miranda - it would be nice for Dave to experience this ship; I think he would really love it. How nice that your niece can join you in April - you will have a great time. Jackie - Hope you are hanging in there....not too many more weeks... Enjoy what's left of the weekend, everyone!
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    Celebrity Equinox 10/14/2019

    Karen - not on these sailings - darn it - but we did the Equinox in the Med and I concur with how wonderful it is! That was an extremely port-heavy itinerary so we did not get to enjoy the ship as much as we would have liked. You now have two great cruises to look forward to - enjoy!
  7. I did order this and have read most of it....for an experienced cruiser there is not much new information. Also....the tips for saving large amounts of money are not realistic for "ordinary cruisers", for example: become a dance host or a contracted entertainer. I do not think this is a scam, but I personally did not find it to be informative or useful beyond what I already knew. Hope that helps...
  8. Gosh 😊 Thank you for those kind words, Jan! And the feeling is mutual - we love cruising with you and the other CruiseCrazies that we have gotten to meet! Can't wait for our next group cruise in August and hope more people will join us!!
  9. Taking our Grandson to Alaska, roundtrip from Seattle - can't wait!
  10. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I love this community and so enjoy meeting and talking with people about our favorite thing to do: cruising!
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    Bon Voyage, Amy and Michael!

    Happy Rivercruising, Amy & Michael! We took our first river cruise last fall and loved it. Can't wait to hear all about yours!
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    Bon Voyage (Again!), Andi and Ed!

    Thanks you guys! We are looking forward to spending time with our younger daughter and her guy - and I do love this class of ship! Will post a review when I return.
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    Happy Monday, Crazies! So we were up most of the night, alternating trips downstairs to "trip" the furnace into igniting. We did that a total of 6 times throughout the night so that we would have some heat - seeing as we had a wind chill of -26. So Ed called our heating guy bright and early and they were out by 10:00 to rig it so that it will stay running until a new flame sensor can be ordered and installed. We had them out for the routine care back in November but they said that this brutal winter was very hard on furnaces, especially old ones like ours (19 years.) So I'm hoping the sensor will get us through and we look at getting a new one before next season. Jan - So when is David able to cruise? I was looking at the Edge itineraries for 2020 and there are some neat ones: did you see the 9-day Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Grand Cayman one that goes 11/13/20? Or either of those transatlantics are a fabulous price: 14 nights Spain, Italy and Tenerife going out on 4/19/20 or coming back on 10/30/20. But that 7-day Eastern is nice as well to Puerto Rico, Tortola and St. Maarten on 12/6, or even in February 2020. I might be able to swing a July or August European one if your group prices are as good as you say.... I'm anxious to know what Miranda would consider....and also again, when is David able to cruise? Jackie - You love transatlantics - take a look at the Edge....their 2020 crossings are a great price (for a brand new, more up-scale ship I thought! Well we have an appointment on Wednesday to go test drive a new car; I started the process online this time through AAA and Truecar and I hope that it ends as nicely as it as begun....we shall soon find out! Hope everyone is doing okay with this horrid weather; we have one more night in the deep freeze and then our temps are supposed to moderate all the way up to 20 degrees!
  14. "W. Caribbean - February 2019" View full cruise review
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    New Cruise Review: Celebrity Edge

    No - this is the new Celebrity Edge class....about 2800 passengers and brand new; it just started sailing in December. And I know, right - we are all leery of all positive reviews BUT this one was all that and more. NOW - having said that....there were plenty of people grumbling about that infinity balcony or the "strange" entertainment or the fact that they use technology for a lot of logistics. But if you are open to a different way of doing things, and entertainment that features dance and acrobatics in addition to great singing and instrumentation, and fabulous food, no matter what we put our mouths....then do give this ship a try! Little things were slightly annoying - such as the single-ply toilet paper or the fact that the Martini Bar is the only lounge to make a decent martini...but to us those could not in any way overshadow the positives about this ship. And even though I found one of the shows to be the "strangest production I have ever seen", I could appreciate the creativity, the beautiful costumes, and the talented performers. Even if it ends up to be "not quite your cup of tea", I doubt very much, having read your posts as well, that you would feel it a waste of a good cruise.
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    Jan - Glad you liked my review! Considering my other commitments in 2020 a late spring/summer cruise would be difficult. November would be perfect if Jackie is interested, but if not, February would work well. I have not been to Tortola...am going back to San Juan in two weeks but that is a place I love so would do that again... Those European Edge cruises are very tempting but not sure if the timing works for me in 2020...which of course, does not preclude a group cruise without me...😪 I will take a look, though....just in case!
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    Good Sunday Evening, Crazies! It is nice to be back on the Dock - actually on the whole site - and catching up with everyone. I tried to get pics posted but was not always able to stop at the Dock or look at all the great news that Jason posts. And then I came back to the reality of the yearly Mutual Ground retreat which needed to be organized, planned and presented. We held the retreat yesterday (3/2) and so now I had a chance to write my full review - WARNING - it is long..... but please do check it out in the Celebrity reviews section. WE HAD A WONDERFUL TIME! And we would be all in on 2020 group cruise on the Edge...but, like Jan says, if we have the money left after the cruises that we have planned. We met with DD, SIL, and Little Guy last night to plan our 2020 Alaska cruise and we are easing back on it a bit, so might be able to save some dollars from that. We are doing roundtrip Seattle on the Eurodam, departing June 13, 2020! And then we are planning a land vacation (whaaat?!) in September 2020 back to WDW. So........if we can find a group cruise that avoids those, and that doesn't clean out my IRA, we'll be all in; and never too early to start planning, right?! Jackie - Won't be long now that you will be off on your next adventure....and done with that pesky old work for the year, right?! I am again so sorry about your sciatica - that is one big literal pain! Have you gone to the doctor about your ear? You would want to clear up anything brewing there before you fly for sure. Ray - Are you still thinking Greek for 2021 or.....? We are in for that, or for whenever it fits best in your bucket. Glad you are feeling better, but hope Yuki can get there as well. Jan - And so sorry that you are sick with the creeping crud, too. Hope the antibiotics and steroids will work quickly for you. So what say you....ideas for 2020 on the Edge?! 🤩 Miranda - You are on your way as well but can't wait to hear about the refurbishment on the Millenium - Celebrity is supposed to be doing wonderful things on their older ships. It took me forever to write the cruise review and to catch up on all the news, so I guess I better go do something productive.....like get ready for our next cruise: 12 days and counting...............YAY.....since it is still horrendous weather here.... -8 degrees and headed lower tonight......I can not stand it any more! 😱
  18. Have you booked or do you think you will?
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    Celebrity Edge

  20. Happy February, Crazies! Hope I started this Dock thread correctly? So........we are finally thawing out....big time! Temp right now is 37 degrees and climbing......so......things are breaking lol - like pipes and hoses and roads! So the fun never ends, right? I am just happy to be out of that deep freeze. We literally did not budge from our house from Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. to Friday at 5:00 p.m. We did not get mail delivery for 3 days and the garbage pickup had to skip us this week. On top of the cold, we had about 4 inches of snow on Thursday evening. Miranda - Glad to hear you are not getting the crazy weather that we and your Aussie friends are getting! Talk about climate change in plain sight?! Jan - Hope you did not get any of this either! Jackie - Glad to hear you are warming up....hope it holds until we hit Ft. Lauderdale on the 16th! Happy Weekend, Crazies!
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    The Celebrity Edge

    First impression and we haven't made it out of our room yet, but it's beautiful!! I love it so far - Stateroom #8153
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    The Celebrity Edge

    Jackie - they do offer real meats:. Beef briskets, slabs of ribs, chicken, pork chops...all kinds. But the best filet I have had so far was last night in La Petite Chef...a dinner experience where animated chefs prepare the meal right on the plate in front of you. It was funny and charming, and the food was melt-in-your-mouth good!
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    The Celebrity Edge

    Here is the shade fully closed and halfway - like right now I am blocking the direct sun. We love the whole thing!
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    The Celebrity Edge

    Jan, there is a shade that raises and lowers with the touch of a button. I will get a picture of it. You can stop it along the way as well, so acting as a visor for the sun, etc
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    The Celebrity Edge

    Tonight was smart chic...most wore sport coats with/without tie and glittery pants outfits. We ate at Cosmopolitan, another MDR, and again, the meal was excellent! Hard to capture this one in pics, but here are a few: