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  1. no didnt run me off , its 9.22 pm and trying to relax trying to think of what i need to pack for our cruise in decemeber , hubby isnt letting me pack whaaaaaaaaa... yes we are going on coral princess decemeber 7th to the 22 nd from los angels to ft luderdale through the cannal im excited . but also worried about my mom at the same time. but no you havent ran me off lol thanks for the welcome back , appericate it thanks every one .
  2. hi every one long time no see. sorry its been busy . we did go to hawaii had a blast but when i returned i had to deal with my mom we almost lost her and been fighting it ever since , the birds keep me busy and between running up to sacramento and back home every other day i havent had time to really get on computer. we do have another trip planned which will be in decemeber panama cannal , as i arranged for mom to be cared for while im gone i need a break , anyway hope all is well and every one is doing great
  3. since we will be flying into los angels , and need to fly back to sacramento , the day of disembarking our flight leaves at 12.20 . now southwest says we can check in 24 hours before hand on the computer doing it at home isnt a problem , my question is , can i check in online on the ship , and print out the boarding passess if i use thier computers and not my lap top. thanks in advance and before you all ask its been a bad bad month flooding came into my new birds room , recieved 10 mew birds been scrambling on getting cages , so its been hetic cant wait to get to get on the golden princess and head to hawaii anyway im saying thanks again for any one who can answer this question,, can i check in on the ship and print out the boarding pass the night before or the day before we disembark,
  4. hi every one i hope you had a wanderful new years , , hope this year goes great for you all. i just got back from los angles , picked up more birds as usual.. havent had a moment peace yet but that will change in march,, yard decorations where taken down the day after christmas , yeppy house back to normal. any way hope all is well and those who are about to cruise enjoy ,,
  5. our party is over now back to normal around here , i managed with out pulling all my hair out lol sure glad its over now . 94 days until we set sail so looks like ill be getting the suite cases out soon and start nick picking with that... im also waiting on a phone call looks like 4 new birds might be arriving before the cruise . hope every one had a wanderful weekend... christmas is just 11 days so enjoy and be merry. glad to see every one and good to be back on the computer
  6. glad to see you all are having fun lol,, saturday is a family gathering i want to hide..lol but i know onces its over its over. for the year , i think next decemeber we will go live on a ship so we wont have to throw the party,,, been busy here went and picked up two birds ones a macaw pretty thing sweet thing he is , all christmas shopping is done , counting down to cruise., i believe its under 97 days ,, almost time to start packing lol i wished it would hurry up and get here march is so far away.. well all you have a great day and great evening as today is the last day i have to get the house ready.. so wont be on until after the party,,, enjoy and merry christmas
  7. merry chirstmas to all and enjoy this is one shot of the house ,,,
  8. robert i am sorry about your brother ,, sorry havent been around left out of town this week had to pick up a shamrock macaw ,,, and another bird . all is well thanksgiving coming up trying to get the house clean before my mom arrives lol hard to do , got 115 days left before i get on the ship , im excited i want to go now . i need the break .. i hope every one is doing great ,, and enjoy youre thanks giving,,
  9. well now im busy got to get another two birds coming on monday a macaw and a cockateil but tonight im excited because princess opened up the tours so now we know what we will be doing tropical botanical gardens the dolphin encounter oh this one im living for then wailu river cruise /fern grotto. then the atlantis submarine adventure then in esenda we will be doing the city drive/bodegas de sanato wine tasting i have to do easy stuff because hubbys back wont take the more adventures stuff nor will his heart so i have to take it easy on the old man ooops did i say that... lol anyway all is well just tired .
  10. yes we try to place them in new homes.. some can never be placed because of plucking . or medical issues . or even temperment ,the others we try to place... yes on some people have wills because thier kids dont want the birds so they leave them to a certain rescue or person ,i figured im only 41 so i still have another 20 yrs to go,but considering i work with other rescues as well i know if something ever happens they will go to them, i work with a rescue out in PA , called bailey foundation. i also work with avain rescue corp. so yes these birds are already provided for..thanks for asking
  11. oh how i wished i had only one birdie greeting me when i come in but it sounds like a zoo with zons and greys and cockatoos . and conures all screaming hello . momma home heres my pictures web address , remind you some are not up yet as they still are new here and i havent had a chance to take picts... i have a double yellow nape who is 18 that was my fathers his name is babe, and hes funny , then my dads african grey... also our alsaka cruise picts are up there too yeah my first vacation and first time to alaska http://community.webshots.com/user/purplerose1967
  12. yeah it was on the news last night and i was saying good qauker .. they know alot more then people give them, like here if they know im not feeling good they stay quite ,, until they know im feeling better . yes they are very intune with the house hold people as they see it its thier flock let it be humans or birds ,, that baby is the birds flock and that bird will protect the baby with its life .. yeah birdie. give the birdie a treat.. im still lurking im still here .. now just waiting for the excursions to open up so i can get my reservations set lol.. down to 127 or something like that lol...
  13. today im lurking lol,. thanks for the offer of the drink ill take a reg pepsi please . yeah its hard specailly on the exotic birds being moved from home to home with some with major issues while some just go with the flow .. i cant wait for the cruise to get here so i can have 14 days of relaxation. no bird worrys .no going to get new ones . just time to unwind and get my head back to peace thanks .. ill be around just not alot with the birds coming in ,,, 63 at this time and another 200 in our new mexico home ,, alot of mouths to feed and care for...thanks for the wanting me to stay hope to meet some of you guys on the cruise it would be awsome
  14. thanks just waiting now is the hard part... just 4 more months and ill be on my big big water bed sleeping so sound, and now worrys while im on the sea... thanks
  15. sorry i havent been around been so busy with rescuing birds , a few minutes of peace tonight we are all set for the hawaii cruise got our airline tickets . used our rewards for the balancy champange breafast lol hubby has no idea yet... got the hotel reserved and all transportation reserved . now can any one tell me how to make march 18 th get here faster. .i so excited and i want to start packing but hubby hide the suite cases lol . ok off to clean the house every one have a good night
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