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  1. I will tell her it's in her best interest to have one
  2. Does anyone know the deadline of when you have to start curising with a passport? I have one but my friend that's going with me doesn't. Just want to make sure if it's necessary
  3. I'm a 31 year old FEMALE, sorry I didn't clarify
  4. sugar plum>>>> mandarin oranges
  5. Well maybe I will purchase one since I can just keep refilling it and probably saving money. I'm only a social drinker and I plan to do alot of socializing on the cruise.
  6. 15% per drink yes that is good to know. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. I guess I better make sure I have plenty of $1. My granmother always told me to tip those that go above and beyond and surely the $10 can't cover them all.
  8. Well just as I thought a few more questions have come up regarding shore excursions and tipping. How far in advance should I book shore excursions? Are they generally cheaper to book with the cruise line? $10 per day of tips are automatically charged to the ship and sail card I believe. Is it common practice to tip outside of this charge?
  9. The cups actually look a little weird. Not sure if I want to drink out of one.
  10. Thanks that clears that one up for all of us.
  11. Thanks for the answering my questions you all are really great. I believe a Monkey Head is a drink but I am still researching that. When I find out I will make sure to post that information.
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