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  1. Yes I did think it was for the best not to let on to Kath. We went with a couple friends for a 50th birthday. They wanted to do the Canaries and it was the only ship that we could get. MaryLou, English sporting is one of the clay target disciplines and I usually shoot 100 targets every fortnight. Was a bit greedy yesterday as the weather was glorious so I went around twice and shot at 200 clay targets. Notice I only said that I shot at them and not that I hit them.
  2. Not sure about the five by five, but I am shooting a 100 bird English sporting layout in the morning
  3. Hi All, hope you are all ok. Marylou great news about Jim Congratulations Falina Hey Jackie , how you doing, taking it easy I hope Not much has changed this side of the pond, still work, work, work so nothing new there then. Managed a cruise around the Canary islands and Madiera at Easter, which Kath and I both enjoyed. Went on an old tub now called Thomson Majesty but was Norwegian Majesty at one time. Has had a bit of a chequered past, it has ran aground, had 2 people killed when 3 giant waves smashed the glass in one of the forward bars and finally 5 crew died earlier this year when completing lifeboat checks. Needless to say I didn't mention any of this to Kath until after we got home.
  4. Hi everyone, hope you are well. It has been quite a while since I last posted on crazies but I do read about some of you on other sites. Kath and I did our annual trip to Tenerife in the Canary islands at the end of September and had a wonderfully relaxing break. Might try somewhere else next September, fancy one of the Greek islands, Rhodes or Crete somewhere like that. Going back to Tenerife at Easter to start a cruise around the islands and also to Madiera. Dont think that I have mentioned it before but we got a Border terrier last year who helps us burn off a little weight with walks, his name is "Charlie". Have been spending most of my weekends clay pigeon shooting, dusted off my old shotgun to start off with but have now got myself a new Beretta.
  5. Just got 5 mins spare at work and thought I would say hi to everyone.
  6. Hi again to all my friends over there. It has been fairly cold over here but not as bad as some of you guys have had. The weather forecast is for a very mild xmas which will suit me. Kath on the other hands loves it with snow on xmas day then of course she wants it gone by boxing day. Have only an hour or so to go and then the company breaks for our xmas vacation. Wont be back at work unti the 3rd of January. I find it too much time off at this time of the year. I would by far prefer the time when the weather is good. I'm sure Kath will find plenty for me to do, she has only got 3 days off. A few things have changed over the last few months, we now have a puppy border terrier called Charlie
  7. Good morning, to all of you over the pond. I hope you are all keeping well and are already for xmas
  8. Happy Birthday eaststandbaggie!

  9. Hi again all, Spring seems to be on its way over here at last, it has been one of the worst winters for many a year. Its same old, same old for me over here I am afraid. Work, work and more work. Have managed to get 2 Sundays off this year so far but hope to get this coming one off too. Shouldnt complain as there are still a lot of people out of work. Have also got work to do when I get home, Kath has set me a project or two for this year. Have nearly finished making over the bathroom and then I think its new internal doors. We are off to the Canaries again for easter but to another different island. This time we are off to Gran Canaria, we have been before but several years ago and we are going to go to a different part of the island. With regards to a cruise we did price up the Crazies September cruise but it came in at way over £3000 with the airfare. I didnt think that I could justify the expense. Still I have been looking for an eastern med cruise for September, Greece/ Turkey that sort of area. We will have to see what deals come up nearer the time.
  10. Good morning all, its been along time. I hope everyone is well and happy over there. Was just having a quick browse of the web during my break at work and thought I would look up my old friends on cruise crazies.
  11. Hi everyone, hope you are all well. Thought I would price up the crazies cruise as I have vacation time in September. Unfortunatly its over £3000 including the airfare, so I think I will have to give it a miss. Perhaps one year you will all get over to europe. Anyway take care all Chris
  12. I have just booked a week in Lanzarote at easter, its just for the 2 of us again. I have only had January 1st off so far this year so I thought that I deserved it. We have been working 7 days a week with 10 hour shifts Mon thru to Fri, so I am looking forward to the break
  13. MaryLou, it snowed again last night, and that cruise can't get here quick enough! It's kind of bittersweet though. My oldest son graduates high school in a couple months, then he's off to college. I keep thinking that this could be our last vacation together with the full family "The kids" aren't all kids anymore. Crazie is getting along fine, and Heather is very excited to have her. Please let me know if she already has pins for AOS; or the ports of Aruba, Curacao, Dominica, St Thomas or Puerto Rico. Hi Kev, hows tricks. My wife Kath and I felt the same when my youngest started university and didnt want to come away with us anymore. Took a bit of getting used to for the first few days but then it was like a second honeymoon. You can do what the 2 of you want to do and there no sound of I'm BORED
  14. Hey Jim, I see your old English is coming along just fine LOL
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