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  1. MSC is different. I enjoyed it very much Very very very clean. Shows were great and not so great. Food was good except one nite. The last nite we had lobster and baked alaska plus a bottle of sparckling wine (on the house for everyone)they dimmed the lights and carried the dessert out on fire really nice. Would I go again in a minute. Is it a princess cruise no.Our int. was great the price was great. I took my kids and grand kids so 7 of us went for under 3500 which I still can't believe since it was Easter and spring break. Prices on board were reasonable. I got a bottle of wine everynite for dinner for $8. Never heard of that brand but it was from Italy and was quite good. This site here has a great review http://www.cruisereport.com/Default.aspx click on new kid on the block. I hope this helps.


  2. gregswife, It won't be long an I will be saying to you I wish I had two day.

  3. whew got the grass cut and ready to cruise (finally no rain )

  4. have a very special day tomorrow, Jim.

  5. Hi everyone, almost ready I have to cut the grass but it has to stop rainning first. starting to worry I won't get it in.I have today and tomorrow then oh well.

  6. rogue thank you that list is a good one I am sure it will help.

    suzierue, come on you can be a stow away. more is always better.

  7. Hi, same here I just started getting my clothes suitcases out and what ever I have lay everything out before I pack or I will forget something. I can't believe we leave in 4 days. This was a last minute cruise.

  8. Thanks no such thing as a bad cruise. We were out when Katrina hit and still had a great time. nice to meet you guys.

  9. It sure is exciting. No matter how many cruises I can't get enough. I read your favorite ship is the enchantment of the seas. We were the first ones on it after its last dry dock.really a beatiful ship. I am happy it is getting relocated to Baltimore. well tomorrow will be 5 days I guess I better start packing. Have a great weekend.

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