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    Ocean watching
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    Doesn't matter - As long as I'm on a cruise!
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    Alaska,<br>Bermuda,<br>Eastern Carib.,<br>Western Carib.,<br>London.<br>Transatlantic on QM2
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  1. Celebrity! Everything they like about Disney without the high cost and the incesent Disney everything.
  2. The sea is often rough here and tendering can be dangerous. Passengers can be injured. I have experencied this.
  3. It dosen't. Passenger David is expressing an opinen and not fact. He was obviously not feeling himself. I understand his disappointment that his vacation did not go well for him, I would be upset also, but blaming the crew is not really reasonable.
  4. Happy Birthday CenShip!

  5. More variation of itineraries over the year. We have fixed vacation schedules and it always the same itineraries each year. Vary the artwork across ships. Change it every year. Fruit and appetizers in ALL cabins. More sea days!
  6. Bon Voyage!! Have a great time

  7. Hi, we just discovered cruising within the past year and have done two. I just can't fathom your cruise on the QM2. Congratulations and have a wonderful time. That is amazing.

  8. What ports are you going to? Are you doing QM2? We've looked at it, but doubt we''ll go soon.

  9. July 30 eastbound from NY. This is a once in a lifetime dream, booked it before the economy got this bad. Most expensive cruise we have/will ever do. Doing two nights in London before we fly back.

    How many cruises for you guys?

  10. We sure wish we were in a position to book a cruise like yours on the QM2. When do you leave?

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