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  1. Hi everyone.. Didn't want you all to think you scared me away with your craziness But I caught that awful flu bug and it has had me flat on my back which is hard for someone who is hyper to do. They always have to increase my steroids and adjust my other cancer meds when I catch anything so it has not been a happy few days. I am looking forward to catching up reading everyone's posts.
  2. well, what are we???? You are all such good friends that I'll give you the whole bottle of la la land pills.
  3. I'm honored you included me in your song now I truly feel like a CRAZIE.....Thanks p.s. I only give the good la la land pills to my friends.
  4. You are doing very well. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it. We use the crock pot alot ourselves. My dh wishes he could retire but being self employed that is tough. Isn't it just great talking about your first cruise. That is all I talked about before our first one. Now I want to take another one and trying to make plans to cruise to Hawaii for our 35 anniv. in 2012. Have a great day! We went to Hawaii for our 25th anniversary but not on a cruise. We plan on another trip to Hawaii next year it will be our 34th anniversary. Would think about making it a cruise but we have shy miles we are using for that trip. But if DH loves cruising as much as I am hoping we might do a cruise to Alaska. I've been but DH has never been to Alaska and wants to go. Here I am wanting to cruise to everywhere and haven't even been on my first one yet.
  5. No thanks Vickey. I'm good. (Jennifer exaggerates...like when she's talking about her...oh never mind.) I'm going to go find the "Cruise Crazies song" and bump it for you. Everyone was probably hoping I forgot about it. Vickey Kevin is really harmless.. we just smile and nod a lot..... he giggles and goes to his corner.. I'm smiling and nodding :smile: is he in the corner yet?
  6. No thanks Vickey. I'm good. (Jennifer exaggerates...like when she's talking about her...oh never mind.) Do tell wondering minds need to know. I'm going to go find the "Cruise Crazies song" and bump it for you. Everyone was probably hoping I forgot about it. Would love to hear it.
  7. Let's see if I can get everyone straight: Falina....I have one of those treasure finds also, my DH loves to cook and since he retired (he works part time now)he does it most of the time. I cooked tonights meal I put the roast,potatoes,carrots and onions in the crock My cousin and her hubby are coming over for dinner tonight for me to share all the details of our cruise I've made. I will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers today at the Memorial Service. Jackie....I'll trade your Florida weather for our Ohio weather just last month we had a snow storm,ice storm,wind storm, and a tornado all within a 2 week period. We just got back from Florida in Dec. we went to Disney World for 10 days. Jim....thanks for the coffee I gave my DH a cup since I can't drink it. Sue...Good morning Steve....Good morning Kevin....Is it a good morning???I saw what was found in your trash. Do you need a couple asprin ? Martha....Have a fun time at the b-day party Well how am I doing getting to know everyone? I'm trying.
  8. Me thinks I am getting to know this new family really well and it seems as if all the skeletons are coming out of the closet. BTW....Kevin detox is on the ground level in most of the hospitals.....Top floor for crazies and bottom floor for drunks. Hazelson....... if I dressed like you when I cleaned house I'd be on the first floor which is Maternity or my DH would wind up on the second floor Cardiac Unit.
  9. So does that mean I don't have to wait on our stimulus check to be able to stay at Wynn now...all I have to do is go in and say my new friend Skipper owns this building and has invited us to stay with him. How nice to own two nice homes. And I guess your wife owns the Forum Shops so we all go shopping.
  10. I hear that is safest Hi Joey...my name is Vickey and I am here to give you some medicine that Kevin sent over that will make you feel all better. And when you wake up you will be Joey again not Carnac. BTW....Kevin most of these rooms up on the third floor of the hospital have double occupancy.
  11. Thanks Vickey. (You'll feel like you're on the job here. It seems we have sciatica, fibromyalgia, plantar fascitis, tendonitis, and a few other ailments that make be blush when I pronounce them!) Martha's a nurse too. Maybe you two can get this ship in order... Forgot to mention that I work with Dementia and Alzheimers patients ....do you still think I will fill right at work. Sounds as if this ship has an order all of it's own.....Besides after worked on the third floor of a hospital in a very long time( you know what floor I'm talking about) :wacko:
  12. This discribes almost all my patients. Kevin......I am an independent private duty Geriatric Home care nurse. And love my job.
  13. Jackie.......we have stayed at quite a few hotels Golden Nugget which DH doesn't care for he like the strip end Bally's ...it is okay don't like how it is set up. Tropicana...again we only stay here when it is free. Luxor....it is one of our favorites only because almost everything is comp'd for us and besides it has some sentimental value to us. MGM Grand.... we really like it here. again we get comp'd well here and have had a few good winnings here. Excalibur....stay here alot too, comps are good and we love playing the Let it Ride table and have walked away really happy. South Point... liked it here, but only for a few days just to get away from the hussle then we usually move to the strip. New York New York....too conjusted for me. One day would like to try Bellagio and Wynn but I'd have to get a really BIG stimulus check as they don't offer comps for our gambling budget. hazelson.....love your redhat lady signature, alot of my patients are redhatters. They do so much good for the community. Martha....I don't mind being the newcomer after all I am a middle child and love the attention and will take it how ever I can get it. My cousin and her hubby just called and we are going to go over all the details/booking and reservations I have made so far for our cruise. I am excited to show her all the pictures online of our ship and all the info on the excursions. I might even think about sharing with her the forums but then I won't be able to complain about her without her reading it.
  14. Thanks for the hugs. I should fit right in the title fits me to a "T" My DH wants to know when Ed should expect us and I'm all for shopping. We have had meet and greets before in Vegas and let me just say "What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas" seriously we had a blast. That would be great.
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