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  1. Hey....thanks folks.....been waiting for over a year for this one......our 3rd on the Liberty and 13th on Carnival. Really looking forward to this one because we up graded to a Jr Suite.!! Catch ya later......
  2. Hey...thanks one and all for the great b/v greetings.....had a wonderful cruise on the Sensation.....our 7th cruise and 2nd on this ship. Everything was great except exciting day at sea on the way back to P/C we had 50 knot winds from the west.....and we were heading north....and were leaning....I noticed it at lunch on the lido...when I had to hold my tray from sliding off the table...and when I got up to leave.....was sorta-kinda walking up hill. DW and I had a great time.....looking for number 8....and hope to get the magic ten before they change the rules. Thanks again!
  3. Hey thanks for the welcome......hope this place kinda 'picksup'.....awful lot of older stfuff...esp on the carnival forum....

  4. Welcome back aboard the CruiseCrazies Ship!

  5. We are also on the Dream on Sept 18th! Just over 100 days (on June 7) LOL...can't wait! See ya on the ship!
  6. We live just an hour or so from Canaveral....so we like to drop off the baggage around 10:30 or 11.....get thru the lines....and enjoy lunch on the Lido....and explore the ship.
  7. We will be taking our fifth Carnival cruise on the Dream in September. Our first cruise was on Carnival....and have been satisfied with the ships/entertainment/food/staff/cabins and the price on all.
  8. Hey everyone.....thanks for the great B/V messages....it was a fantastic week on the Carnival Glory....the ship, the crew, the food, the entertainment.....even the weather....will write more a bit later when things calm down....
  9. Time is nearing....Bon Voyage! Have a great time.

  10. a carnival cruise...the fun ships. i see you have sailed with them before. me too and they are definitely what they say they are "the fun ships" may you have a wonderful cruise and really soak up all the fun you can...

  11. Welcome fellow Floridian - great to have you onboard!

  12. I see your going on a cruise in september where are you going?

  13. .....I didn't know what happiness was 'til I got married..... And then it was too late!![/size](Not really, married 38 years first time...5 years second time)
  14. 55ChevyLady.....I really like the Major Tom -Coming Home....by Shiny Toy Guns....do a search on U-Tube and you can hear/see....
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