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  1. We leave tomorrow! Yeah! I have my packing list and I'm checking off everything as I go. Getting ready to go get sprayed with my daughter so we won't look like ghosts. Not the sun worshiper I used to be. Have the dog at my son's house. Wouldn't you know she has gone into season the day before we leave. Poor Justin! He now has to take care of this dog and all the gross stuff that goes with it. He has a boy boxer but I think he's too young to worry about something happening. I hope. She's kenneled during the day so I think she'll be ok. I just feel bad for my son. I guess I should bring him back more than a T-shirt for dog sitting. Have a great weekend everyone. I know I will. Thank you all for your good wishes and advice too.
  2. Thanks you guys! I'm gonna start packing now so I won't forget anything. I will think of you when I am watching the sun dipping into the ocean. Just love that part!
  3. Only 3 more days til we sail on Carnival Conquest. Don't really care about missing Cozemel just happy for the time with family and having fun. Hope everyone has a great cruise!
  4. This is our first cruise with Carnival which we booked through Vacations to Go. Just wondering when we should be getting our tickets? We sail 2 weeks from today on 5/10/09. Thanks! Dana
  5. Thank you all so much! I have enjoyed reading all the post and feel very informed and ready for our cruise. I should be getting my tickets in the next week so it will finally be real when I get them in my hands. Thanks again and happy cruising! Dana & Christian
  6. Same ports as your cruise last year. I am ready to go now. Did you have fun on this cruise?
  7. My family of 4 and my sister and her husband along with my mom and her husband are on this cruise. Just looking for fellow sailors.
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