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  1. Many do not put ice buckets out UNLESS asked for. As for the pre poured drinks in Windjammer on Royal, you can always take a couple to your table and pour them into your refillable mug you bring on board.
  2. Not money but convenience...... Pack some wire (dry cleaner) coat hangers, as there are never enough in the closets. Bring a small night light or, most bathroom doors are not tight at the bottom so leave the light on and it works. If you have a stateroom with a card slot at the door to allow lights to be turned on, use a business card instead of the room key and just leave it in.
  3. For those bringing soda/pop or water onboard (where allowed) beware they do not put out ice buckets any more.... Ask your room steward and he/she will get you one and keep it filled. Carnival has ice tea, lemonade etc. in the lido buffet, so bring a refillable and get all you want. Royal has those in the Windjammer buffet but does not like you taking it out and they have the glasses poured already so you can't fill your refillable.
  4. Unfortunately things happen not just on cruise ships but hotels, airplanes etc. etc. Carnival did a tremendous job cleaning up and also in making things up to those affected. We had a similar incident on Royal Caribbean when toilets backed up in several staterooms. They moved everyone and everything and re- did the rooms in a matter of hours.
  5. Thanks Jan, I will check them out and let my peeps know. Not all that familiar with Lauderdale as we usually book Tampa and Port Canaveral.
  6. Looking for a motel for the night before cruise which offers parking for the 7 nights and has shuttle to cruise port in Fort Lauderdale. Or, the best parking garage other than the port parking.
  7. The Carnival Sunshine will be the largest ship going to Cuba and she will have been refurbished and have most of the Carnival 2.0 upgrades! We booked on Carnival Paradise out of Tampa for next February 16th. Anyone want to join us?
  8. Wife and I are looking to get together with active early 70's people on Allure of the Seas on Sept. 2, 2018. Click on my profile and see if it looks compatible!clock.png.65d58682395e06191c4b706cbcdef06b.png

  9. We semi dress. Wifey wears resort casual, usually slacks and nice blouse. I have not worn a sport coat for years. I do wear a vest, open neck dressy shirt and a chain and pendant. Cruise staff will not say anything unless a person is totally rowdy, as they do not want to offend anyone who may not come back for another cruise. This is fact and I have seen it in action. Or, should I say lack of action.
  10. Roll call for anyone who wants to get together on Sept 2, 2018 with active early 70's couple. Also tips for first time cruisers or ANYONE looking for info on the ship itself, as I am quite knowledgeable of this. Enjoy food (what a surprise), Music, shows, beaches, good talks, the solarium.
  11. Anyone sailing on the Glory July 26th?
  12. Joined in 2009, but have not been active. I'm back and looking to share adventure and information. Will be cruising out of Boston in July.
  13. Anyone going CArnival Glory 7-26-12?

  14. Welcome aboard!

  15. I agree, this must have been the first cruise for a want it all for nothing passenger. As for the late night food service charge, I agree also. Have you ever seent he waste on the trays outside the cabins, because someone "got the munchies" and never aste the food anyway? Some just like to use the system and spoil it for others. No matter what, it is great to have options and cruising has to be the best deal out there! So get real, let the moths out of the wallet and enjoy. P.S. At least on Carnival, you can change or even opt out of the gratuities. Don't forget, these people live on tips and are not paid as well as others people, that's why you don't see Americans staffing cruise ships. If you have ever seen an American staffed ship, you would not want to go back as the service/attitude is really poor. Gotta get back to packing for Alaska Southbound the 20th - can't wait! Read and post cruise reviews
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