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  1. Welcome back aboard the CruiseCrazies ship!

  2. Welcome, Bruins. Hope you'll become active in the forums.

  3. Welcome aboard!

  4. We are also doing this in august! Any advice would be appreciated!
  5. Thank you! Seems like your going to have to put up with me for 73 more days :)
  6. Thank you so I am assuming it's like johnny rockets on royal carribbean
  7. I've heard mixed reviews are they generally friendly and keep the ship clean? Thanks!
  8. Hello! I will be sailing on the norwegian pearl on august 2nd and i was wondering generally how the food is. I have heard mixed reviews on it. Any responces appreciated!
  9. saw it was the best ship for kids nice too know! I will be sailing august 2nd to Seattle and would like to tell me kids about all the activites before boarding,what would be their main attractions
  10. Ok thank you for the responce! Anyone been on the ship and can respond to this? Responces appreciated!
  11. Hello! I am going to be sailing on the norwegian pearl on august 2nd and i was wondering if they jave a mini golf course on the ship.i have heard that they do but was not definatly sure. Any responses appreciated!
  12. What is the general wait time for the main dining room on the Norweigan Pearl?
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