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    Caribbean - Western
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    Bahamas, Grand Turk, Haiti, San Juan, St. Thomas St. Martin, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Cozemel, Callica, Roataan, Belize,
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    ord of the Rings, Steven King, Mitchner
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    "slaying is awfully thirsty work! Fetch me a glagon of wine!". . . Conan
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  1. Happy Birthday frednsb!

  2. Happy Birthday, Fred!

    Hope you have a healthy and prosperous year!

  3. Good morning al!!! It's even a little chilly here in East Central Florida. But the sun is out. My wife and I are both doing open houses today here in the New Smyrna Beach area. Then home for some quite time. Spent yesterday negoitiating a deal and will sign a contract today at 4:30. Have a good one.
  4. Turn my back for a moment and it is already 12/5 and I have missed 5 days of posting on this forum. I do keep up with a lot of you on facebook though! Thank all of you for the nice responses and prayers and thoughts for my son. His last CAT scan showed very little spinal fluid still on his brain. That's good! Thanks for the review on the Connie. I don't think Celebrity is for me either. I still prefer Carnival and RCCL and I would like to sail Princess. So what does this group think about all the Oasis hoopla? Would you cruise her at these prices? Happy thoughts to you all, fred
  5. One more post for the end of November! For those of you who remember my son getting injured last summer, he is home with rods and pins and things in his back. His frontal lob injury has subsided to about 10% injured brain. He is going crazy because they won't let him work or drive yet, nor let him watch his two young children by himself. It will be slow, but he will get better. I bought him some self-help books and GED study guides to help his mental prowess and help his boredom some. Anyway Happy December!
  6. A little late but HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL OF YOU! Being a Realtor, I worked everyday but Thursday so haven't checked in. Hope all is well with all of you. Welcome home Cruisers on the Connie! Posted a thread on that other site about comparing the Dream to the Oasis and which and why you would like to sail on. Like everything else on that site it became a feud between CCL and RCCL! Some posters downright nasty and rude to others. Why can't you just have a nice, peaceful, intelligent discussion???
  7. Are any of you following the video blogs that are posted daily from the Oasis as it crosses the Atlantic going to Fort Lauderdale? They are very interesting and show many aspects of the ship from a different view. Started in Finland and is posted everyday. fred
  8. Hello everyone! I have been MIA for awhile. Life has been busy. Took my family (wife, daughters, grandkids) on Monarch of the Seas in Aug. Ask any questions about the ship and I will answer. My son is recovering well! I have him studing at home for a degree. check me on facebook: fred fair or frednsb######
  9. JIM - we cruised ont the Miracle last Dec. It is great for people who love just the crusing. Went to the southern Carib out of FL. . . four days of nothing but cruising then the three Saints inbetween!
  10. i have had cataracts removed from both eyes (complication from medications) and they are very easy surgeries. The newer procedures are great. Wish you the best.
  11. Thank you for asking. My son is doing much better after his fall a few months agon. he is home with his wife and two children and has had no problems with his back except some chronic pain. The medication they have given him for his brain injury has had a few side effects, but he is doing fantastic for such a terrible injury. He can not work yet and that is driving him nuts.
  12. Glad to hear he's doing better, Fred. After what he's been through, he should be glad to just take it easy. Thanks for letting me know. Cheryl

  13. He is doing much better. He home with his wife and two children. He can't work yet and it is driving him crazy. Thanks for asking!

  14. Fred, How is your son doing now? I hope he's a lot better. Cheryl

  15. Now, as for the rest of you. . . you are right. I need to sail on a larger RCCI ship. I really would like to cruise on the Freedom of the Seas soon, but the nine nighter on Dec. 3 on the new Carnival Dreams is so tempting!
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