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  1. Shari - Thank you for your greeting and warm wishes. I have not spent much time in Minnesota but being aware of its frigid nature it seems like a place I would only enjoy in the summertime. 🙂 I pray for healing for you from the effects of your stroke and many good days going forward. God Bless
  2. Jan - there is a couple out there that can help them out if they are around, but they are on the go alot. Today mom is not feeling well and they are going to come over, one to take her to the ER to get checked and the other to sit with dad. I'm afraid this will be a regular occurrence this winter. My sister and I are trying to develop a plan to go out there a couple of times and offset the times so they aren't alone for as long. Not sure how it'll work yet. Hoping for the best. Jim
  3. Hello Everyone! A quick stop in for a wave and check what everyone is up to. I'm into the time of year that really gets to me. The transition between summer to fall is just rough on my psyche. Not a fan of the cold or snow when it shows up. We've had a little. I was able to help my parents get off to their winter dwelling in Arizona but am nervous about my dad's failing mental and physical conditioning. Am expecting a phone call before they make the turn back to Indiana in April that something has happened and they need some caretaking. I'm keeping busy with work, officiating (Basketball season started this week), and my other hobbies...not to mention keeping the house up. It passes the time. 🙂 Ray - Very happy for the wonderful news on Yuki! Jan - Take care with that firewood. Living with several mature trees on 5+ acres myself I know it's easy to get clearing things and the next thing you know you're cuddling with a heating pad Icy-Hot. 😉 Miranda, Shari, Jackie, and Andi - great to see you all and keep moving forward! May God bless all! Jim
  4. Good morning everyone! The past week flew by again for me. I work in IT for a Financial Services company in Indiana and we had our "Fall Conference" week where all of our advisers are required to come visit us so it is THE busiest time each year. We have a Spring conference as well but it is not required so not quite as busy. I am also a high school soccer official (as well as baseball and basketball when they are in season) and so that keeps many evenings and weekends busy also. I want to thank all of you for your kind words on the loss of my wife. It has been nearly 5 years and some days it seems like still yesterday and in other ways like forever. My faith, family, and friends have shown me the gold they are especially over the time passed and I wouldn't be on my feet without them. Like you all, I love cruising and don't get to do it nearly as much as I'd like, but I'm working my way in to a time where hopefully I'll be able to more often. For the first time I will get to take a cruise in successive years and I'm both a little nervous but very excited about going solo for the first time. My last one in June 2019 I tagged along with my step-daughter, her husband, and 5 of their friends and I had a room to myself on the Lido deck and they were 4 floors down so it was a little like I was solo 😉 but I still had a group to eat dinner with each night. It will be pushing me out of my comfort zone to reach out to people as I'm more of an introvert until you get to know me but I'm going for it! Ray - That's about as much info on me as I can condense for now. 😁 Wishing you all a great day and wonderful sunrises and sunsets!
  5. Jan, Thank you for the warm welcome back. 🙂 Pretty sure we chatted when I was here last. The group cruise in November 2020 looks fantastic! Not sure if I will be able to swing it, though. I need to retire and just cruise! lol So sorry to hear of the illnesses and those that have passed on. I have had my share of rough times as well, losing my wife in Nov 2014. I'm still very blessed and do what I can to enjoy the time I can on this spinning ball called earth. God Bless!
  6. Hello everyone! Just stopping by to wave. Some of you may remember me. It's been probably 6 years since I followed the Daily Dock. I have become re-obsessed with cruising after that 6 year hiatus and sailed in June on the Carnival Magic with my step-daughter and her husband, plus 5 of the their friends. I had a great time and have just booked a solo cruise over my birthday in Feb. 2020 on the LIberty. Hope everyone is enjoying life and much sunshine. God Bless,
  7. Thank you very much everyone!! Leaving Saturday to pickup my son, then staying near the airport to park and fly! Very excited but scrambling to get everything put together. It's just part of the fun! Ready for that first sip of choice cocktail on the Freedom! God Bless, Gibber
  8. Well Hello Crazies, Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a happy Wednesday. I have been busy at work and helping my lady friend with some projects on her house and haven't been able to stop by in a while. There is no way I can catch up with everyone so I'll just say I hope everyone is well and enjoying life as much as you can. I was able to check on my upcoming cruise in Feb/2013 with my son and say a price reduction, so I jumped in and got an upgrade as well as a few bucks off. Every bit helps! Only 116 days left for us. God Bless all and make it the best day! Gibber
  9. Good morning all! Been uber busy with work and family and just haven't had the time to jump in. Did a few umpiring nights late last week in the heat that I thought I was prepared for by keeping fluids in me 24 hours earlier and turned out it still took way too much out of me. Since the season is winding down I will be taking it a bit more easy to recoup. Haven't even had time to get my motorcycle running this summer and I HAVE to make that happen before I run out of good riding days. Forecast is for some rain this weekend and the cooler temps (90s....that's funny) should make the weather more bearable around here. Everyone struggling with health and troubles have my prayers. God Bless, Gibber
  10. Posted July 02 2012 - 01:20 PM deb1220, on June 29 2012 - 10:56 PM, said: Gibber - Are you the one that works or worked for HP? My hubby still does. Glad to see you joining in on the chatter again. Hi Debbie! Yes, that was me. Finished my tenure there in Apr. 2010 after 23+ years and now am IT Director at a small financial broker in my home town. LOTS of changes in my life, many not of my choosing, but I am better (or at least getting there) for them. Glad to hear your DH is hanging in (if he wants to be!). Hope everything else is well your way! Thanks for remembering! Gibber OOPS...put this reply in June's dock by mistake. ROOKIES!!
  11. Hi Debbie! Yes, that was me. Finished my tenure there in Apr. 2010 after 23+ years and now am IT Director at a small financial broker in my home town. LOTS of changes in my life, many not of my choosing, but I am better (or at least getting there) for them. Glad to hear your DH is hanging in (if he wants to be!). Hope everything else is well your way! Thanks for remembering! Gibber
  12. Good morning all! Wanted to checkin before folks thought I dropped off the earth (again). Just been slammed with work and trying to keep life on the right path. The rain we got last week was a one-day anomaly. High is expected at 103 today, with "slight" chances of rain the next 3 days. I have a family 4th of July swim party on Saturday so THAT will be the day it rains. I won't complain though (much). MaryLou -- THRILLED about Jim's wonder news! Congrats! Also good to hear all those in Debby's path came out unscathed! Ray - I didn't see any problem with your posts. (from the IT guy). Have a Blessed day everyone! Gibber
  13. Well since KeithnRita are resurrecting this again....Gibber was what my friends started calling me in college. A derivitive of my last name (Gibson).
  14. Good morning Crazies! TGIF! RAIN! WE GOT RAIN!! Sorry, but it has been too long since we have gotten anything to soak in here in North-Central Indiana. Disadvantage - it cancelled the baseball games I was to umpire: Advantage - I got to spend the evening with family celebrating my nephew's birthday. It was a fun night. Jim - Glad to hear you got some of the wet stuff too! Keith and Rita - Hope you all got some down in the southern part of the state. I'm ready to get my partner back at work. It's been a hectic week solo and I could use a bit slower pace. I'm getting spoiled. haha Everyone have a great weekend and be safe! God Bless, Gibber
  15. The Cruise Confidential guy! Welcome to the Crazies!!! There are some great people here. Look forward to your input with all your experience in cruising! Gibber
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