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  • Birthday September 21

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    linda sue
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    United States


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    1 so far
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    People watching
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    Doesn't matter - As long as I'm on a cruise!
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    People watching
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    cozumel was my 1st . alaskan cruise will be 8-23-09. i'm just starting to cruise. i've wanted to cruise forever.
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  • Hobbies & Interests
    love having a good time with good people. especially enjoy things with the kids, their kids, and their kids...lol...
  • Music
    i love 2 days music...think i was born at the wrong time...don't really care 4 music from my time...lol...but i love r&b, hip hop, and almost whatever the grand kids put on the radio....there r expectations of course but have no idea what it's called..lol..
  • Movies
    love them and like most women i like romantic comedies...i stress comedies...i don't get into sticky romance stuff...i like it light. but, i do enjoy action and adventure movies...just about any thing the kids, grandkids, and i an do 2 gether...NOT a horror movie person however i do enjoy sci-fi...
  • TV Shows
    of course comedies...light ones not silly ones...not a pot head so goofy shows don't make much sense 2 me...
  • Sports
    football of course but who's playing what??? don't ask me...i don't know the stats but i like the action!!!
  • Food
    i'm a woman i like most of it!! but, i prefer 2 b taken out 2 a nice restaurant 4 steak every once in a while...but i am a very good cook...have 2 b had lots of babies 2 cook 4...and now just plain lots of family 2 cook 4 and i must say they love my "steak and rice" a family secret recipe
  • Pets
    not any longer...
  • Books
    love science fiction fantasy. it is my get away without having to go any where. but i do read many subjects. currently reading obama's "the audacity of hope" it's a very insightful read. bible is big on my list but i'm not a bible thumper...i read it 4 me not 2 convince u...
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    postal worker
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