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    United States


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    11 or 12
  • Favorite Cruise Line
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  • Favorite Port of Call
    Brugges, Athens, Kusadasi
  • Favorite Port Activity
    Walking & sightseeing
  • Places I've Cruised To
    Mexican Riviera, Eastern & Western Caribbean, Panama Canal, Mediterranean, Northern Europe to Copenhagen, Bahamas, Transatlantic
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  • Hobbies & Interests
    Cruising, Cruiselines, itineraries, ports, scheduling time off for cruising, reading about ships and cruising, talking about cruising.... Oh yeah, did I say Crusing? <br> I would love to be able to sing, but I cannot even get close to a note, Joel can sing, and he plays the piano. We will Karoke, well, Joel will, I will only do so after a couple of drinks. But I'm a great cheerleader for you who can!
  • Music
    Oldies, cause we're oldies. Country. I even like some hip-hop if the words are not too gross.
  • Movies
    Chic Flicks, Mystery, Documentaries, Comedies & Westerns. I abhorre horror films. Too scarry for me.
  • TV Shows
    Lost, Grays, Desperate Housewives, Survivor, (I'd run off with Jeff Probst in a heartbeat) & Brothers & Sister's, I did like Life on Mars also.
  • Sports
    Joel likes Hockey, BasketBall and Football. He is not a golfer. I will tolorate the ones he watches. I like Cheer & Dance. I coached competitive Cheerleading for 6 years, but I'm no longer doing it. Toe touches and splits now cause me to call 911.
  • Food
    Chocolate! That's a food isn't it?
  • Pets
    6 Aussie Dogs
  • Books
    Joel reads everything - a real nerd. I like pure unadulterated 'fluff''.
  • Quotes
    "It's only a Movie" and "Whats our next cruise gonna be?"
  • Occupation
    Office Administrator

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