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    United States


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    11 or 12
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    Brugges, Athens, Kusadasi
  • Favorite Port Activity
    Walking & sightseeing
  • Places I've Cruised To
    Mexican Riviera, Eastern & Western Caribbean, Panama Canal, Mediterranean, Northern Europe to Copenhagen, Bahamas, Transatlantic
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  • Hobbies & Interests
    Cruising, Cruiselines, itineraries, ports, scheduling time off for cruising, reading about ships and cruising, talking about cruising.... Oh yeah, did I say Crusing? <br> I would love to be able to sing, but I cannot even get close to a note, Joel can sing, and he plays the piano. We will Karoke, well, Joel will, I will only do so after a couple of drinks. But I'm a great cheerleader for you who can!
  • Music
    Oldies, cause we're oldies. Country. I even like some hip-hop if the words are not too gross.
  • Movies
    Chic Flicks, Mystery, Documentaries, Comedies & Westerns. I abhorre horror films. Too scarry for me.
  • TV Shows
    Lost, Grays, Desperate Housewives, Survivor, (I'd run off with Jeff Probst in a heartbeat) & Brothers & Sister's, I did like Life on Mars also.
  • Sports
    Joel likes Hockey, BasketBall and Football. He is not a golfer. I will tolorate the ones he watches. I like Cheer & Dance. I coached competitive Cheerleading for 6 years, but I'm no longer doing it. Toe touches and splits now cause me to call 911.
  • Food
    Chocolate! That's a food isn't it?
  • Pets
    6 Aussie Dogs
  • Books
    Joel reads everything - a real nerd. I like pure unadulterated 'fluff''.
  • Quotes
    "It's only a Movie" and "Whats our next cruise gonna be?"
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    Office Administrator

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  1. Love your photo, suzie . Great profile. I watch the same tv shows as you, and of course, love cruising. I also love country music and go line dancing 4 times a week. I just turned 57 and hubby Wayne is 59. We also love meeting other couples . I loved reading how you and Joel met. You sound like fun people. Can't have enough of them in our lives, right? Anyway, I'm so glad you became a member. I hope to get to know you better and maybe we can even cruise together one day.Got to take some dance classes first with hubby. We were great at disco but have to bring us into this century. You look like great dancers. Great outfits, anyway.

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