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  1. Hi, Remember us!!! A lot has happened since we last spoke. Melonie and I sold our condo on Long Island and now live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Melonie went to her Employer and told them she was quitting so they transferred her to the Denver ,PA office about 25 miles from our house. I gave my Resume' to a guy from the Fire Department here and he said he would keep an eye open for work, 2 weeks later he called and told me he would create a position for me with his company, I work in York ,PA about 20 miles to the west of our house. MARYLOU, WE LOVE THIS AREA!! Our life has gotten better, slowed down a lot. The food here is great, we live in Amish country and am eating healthier and getting more exercise. People ask why we moved and we tell them it is a better quality of life we were seeking. And found it. We weren't going to cruise for a while but I caved and booked the Carnival Pride out of Baltimore for May 2015. A big hello to everyone, I missed our daily conversations and hope to get on here more. I hope everyone is in good health. Hello to RAY, Falina, Rose, Debbie and Jerry, just to name a few!
  2. Hello everyone. hope this finds you well. Tough day today, 1 year anniversary of Melonie's mom passing. Next week we are going to the great state of Pennsylvania to look at houses in Lancaster. We are booked for Weds and Thurs. Then driving to Bloomsberg to stay with friends for the rest of the weekend. Sorry Marylou we can't meet with you on our way. Doesn't look like we will be cruising for a couple of years, we figured a $4000.00 cruise monies would be better spent on a house. Hope all is well with you all.
  3. Hi everybody, Don't get much chance to get on the computer lately. Having a tough time with the in-laws estate. They didn't have the correct paper work with their wills. We are waiting to clear all the owed monies. 3 months now! the attorney says this is normal bull sh*t. I haven't been able to write a review of Aprils cruise and it doesn't look to promising. MARYLOU, We are seriously thinking of relocating to the Lancaster area in the future, are you near that?? We have friends in the area. We were going to the Oklahoma area but that's out. Gotta run, so hello to everyone. Be well, keep cruising.
  4. Hello all, Got home on Saturday, had a great time. The "Suite Life" was fantastic but we won't do it again. A mini-suite is fine for us. On top of the price, tipping for the Butler, Conciege, and room steward got to be a bit much. We didn't use the butler but felt obligated to tip him at the end of the cruise. Hope to write some sort of review soon.
  5. Good-Bye See ya Bon Voyage Bye Addios Farewell Have a nice day See ya soon Make today special Be well That pretty much covers it. I'll check in when we get home at the end of the month. Thanks for all the well wishes. Hope everyone stays safe. Tim and Melonie
  6. Hello all. First let me say I hope Jackie has a good day today and Friday. I know she probably won't be reading this but she does have our prayers. Rose, I hope your Dad has many many more years with you. We hope for a speedy recovery. Some good news for us for a change, we got the call from the up sell fairy for a penthouse suite and of course we grabbed it. We have never been in one and the perks are amazing. We leave next Thursday the 18th. With all that has happened this past year and this being our 10 year wedding anniversary, it couldn't have come at a better time. 9 days of being pampered, hope we can handle it. LOL!!!! Hope everyone is doing well. I'll check in every once in a while.
  7. Hello all. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. The family came in yesterday to see Dad. He was unresponsive. It was good for everyone to say their last goodbyes. Dad passed away early this morning around 12:30am. I have been with this family for 11 years and he has been sick for all of them. He is not suffering anymore and has gone to join his wife who passed only 7 months ago, we knew he wouldn't be able to survive without her. Melonie is doing very well considering she lost both parents in 7 months. Thank you for your thoughts. A huge weight has been lifted. We can and will get through this. The cruise next month is still on and after the next 6 weeks it will come at the right time.
  8. Hello all. Very windy and rainy here on Long Island. Could be snow, but it's not. Very bitter-sweet day today. It's my Mothers 89th birthday, God bless her. This is a women who takes no medications and has no health problems. She is a rock. My Father in law was just diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer. On top of the COPD and the blood clot in the lung, we are on the edge of our seats to see what happens next. It looks like he will be able to receive hospice like care back in the nursing home instead of a new hospice facility. They give him a couple of months to live, but who really knows. We are waiting on the cruise right now. According to trip insurance we can wait till the day before to cancel. April 18 is close and far away right now. Melonie won't go if her father is in a coma. Either would I for that matter. We can always re-schedule for a later date. Ever since my MIL pasted last July he has been going down hill. He just couldn't survive without her. That should give you an idea as to why I haven't been on this site much. I hope all of you are well, there are to many posts to back to. I do think about all of you all the time, and wish I could check in more. Sorry to lay this on you. But prayer for all of us is appreciated as I do pray for you.
  9. "Cruise to Nowhere" Click here to view the cruise review
  10. Hello all. Happy Ash Wednesday. We made it through a very tough storm and more white stuff is supposed to hit us tonight. 2 to 5 more inches on top of this, Yippee! Hope everyone is well. We are very busy these days, but counting down the next cruise, 64 days. Will check in when I can.
  11. Good morning all. YEP!!! we are in for a major storm, they say it could be the worst one in a decade. A north storm is hitting a south storm, similar to hurricane sandy. We are supposed to get winds up to 60mph. RAY, rest that hand, it will heal faster. Play with your feet. Tim (FL) where in NY is she staying?? The storm will hit harder further East of NY city. MARYLOU, you should get it at the same time we are, tomorrow in the morning, so keep us informed. Good thing this is happening this weekend, last weekend would have really sucked. Have a great day everyone.
  12. I've only seen 2 day or 1 day CTN. Leave on a Friday come home on a Sunday. They do have a one day but that is such a waste.
  13. Hello all. We had a great weekend. Melonie made my 55th birthday a great one. We met some good people and had a relaxing and sometimes busy two days. We had never been on a cruise to nowhere, but had such a fun time we booked one for 2015. Also we booked another cruise for 2014 now. I must be a true cruise crazie!! Hope everyone is well. Hope to be around more.
  14. NorwegianBreakaway Click here to view the cruise
  15. Is it easier for everyone to refer to me as "Murr"? I see we have another Tim. Have a great day all. Thanks for the birthday wishes..
  16. Hello everyone, Things are still up in the air. Nothing is good these days. Only good thing is our cruise to nowhere is this Friday. and my 55th is Saturday. Hope everyone is well.
  17. Hello to all. Good riddence to 2012!!! Staying in tonight. Being a firefighter I can tell you some bad stories of New Years past, but I won't. PLEASE don't drink and Drive!!!!!!!! If you must go out, watch out for the other guy, it's always the other guy that causes the accident, kills everyone and he lives, only to get off on a technicallity years later and of course never admitts to being drunk, I'm just saying. I love and miss you all, I wish I had more time to write daily, but things are so busy with Melonie's family. Her Dad still hasn't been finalized for Medicaid. It's been 5 months!! He loves his new nursing home and I have a meeting there today on his progress. Melonie has to work today and should be home before the nuts hit the road. Has anyone dealt with the Medicaid process???? Is this normal???? Should we get another Attorney???? Everyone have a great New Years!!!!!!!!!! I will check in more often if I can. I miss my daily readings of the dock. One good thing, our Cruise to nowhere is a month away.
  18. Just checking in to say hi!!! FIL just had a pacemaker installed. Then was sent to another nursing home. The last one didn't meet up to our standards. There were issues with people treating him wrong. He also had bed sores and that is a sign of neglect. So we spoke to an attorney and things are pending. All is slowly getting back to normal. Of course normal will never be the same. Just as we are all getting our lives back in order, the Sandy Hook shooting has knocked us down a few pegs. First Super Storm Sandy, and now Sandy Hook. Not looking good for the name Sandy. They say tragedies come in 3's, let's hope not. If case I don't check in again. Everyone have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
  19. If it is A-Fib ask your Doctor about Flecainide 100mg twice daily. I feel it is a miracle drug. I haven't had an A-Fib attack in 2 months. I was having one attack at least once a week. Good luck.
  20. Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!
  21. Good Friday Morning All!!! First let me say CONGRATS, MARYLOU. I sorted through a few past posts and saw about the cancer free and cheered. Things are slowly getting back to normal or close to. My BIL lost his car in the flood and doesn't have a lot of money so we sold Melonie's car to him for a pittence and had to buy her a new car. So we bought a Kia sportage. I feel more comfortable with her in a 4 wheel drive vehicle and this one is great. The house he shared with the in-laws made it out pretty well, just one room damaged , we spent all last weekend stripping the walls and floor. Now we just wait for FEMA to respond. Mel's Dad has given up. He knows he isn't coming home from the nursing home and just lays in bed all day. He keeps saying he just wants to die. Last weekend one of our parakeets died, we have had 2 for 8 years. A lot has happened to us these past few months and I'm trying to keep Melonie from going over the edge. I hope to take her and her brother out for dinner tomorrow. Doesn't look like we will be having a Thanksgiving dinner this year. We do have some things to be thankful for, but preparing a dinner isn't in the plans. we will go to the nursing home and spend time with Mel's dad. Our Condo made it without a scratch. I tell people, as the bible says, I live in a house made of brick and stone. There was a lot of wind and rain but we made it through and the cat didn't know what was happening just enjoyed watching the leafs blow around. I didn't go to the firehouse this time during the storm. I have been in many a storm. we were out in Gloria, and that was some storm. I needed to be with my family this time 30 years as a firefighter never prepared me for what happened. And I hope this never happens again. Well, got to get back to work. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.
  22. Hello. First let me say THANK YOU to all worried about us up here. We are fine, only lost power for 24 hours after the catastrophic event that has touched are lives, which will never be the same. 30 years as a firefighter has not prepared me for what I have seen. ROSE, you wouldn't recognize the area. Everything on the south shore is gone or devastated. House are gone, neighborhoods are in other neighborhoods. Boats and cars were moved blocks from where they were parked. Breezy Point Queens lost 111 houses to a fire that they could not fight due to flooding. Long Island looks like New orleans after Katrina. We have never seen a storm like this. My sister lives in the house I grew up in and there is 3 feet of water in the kitchen. she was rescued the night of the storm by boat. I could go on and on about all the things happening, but just think about what you would do without, power, toilets, water, food, gasoline, etc etc. It's a survival mode right now. We Long Islanders ask that you pray for us. We will get through this. Others have and we will to. We are NEW YORKERS!!!!!!!!!! Talk soon. Tim......
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